Christmas - The Last Post and a few Festive Essentials

December 12, 2014

{Painting your nails in sparkly silvers or a festive red}

This post is the last of the Christmas series and possibly the last post of 2014. I will be back though, all refreshed with lots of exciting new posts starting in January. Might change things around a bit, I think I've covered all the exciting makeover parts of our house and you're probably bored of our wedding by now? But definitely lots of exciting things to come and as always requests welcome. Have you enjoyed this Christmas series? I think I've covered the majority of the festivities with posts from baking to days out to wrapping and decorating to name a few. You can click here to see all of the posts if you missed any. Of course you can still find me on Instagram posting away lots of photos of this year's Christmas {@rvk123}. 

I'm so glad that I took the plunge and finally starting blogging at the end of August this year, about three years after I kept meaning to get started. I've loved sharing everything from our house to our travels, recipes, wedding projects and special places and I'm so grateful for all of your lovely comments and feedback along the way so far. Thank you for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and New Year if I get too distracted watching Christmas films, seeing friends and family, baking and eating too much turkey {or gingerbread} to come online before then. 

So, a final few photos of some Christmas Essentials from years gone by. And finally, enjoy the festive season - the most wonderful time of the year! Only three weeks left of this year and chapter, so thank you 2014, definitely the best year of my life. 

Rebecca <3 xxxxx

{Tartan pjs, reindeers socks and watching The Holiday by the fire}
{The Christmas Eve walk to the village with the dog dressed up to pick up the turkey from our favourite local butcher}
{A festive tradition of Ben and I exchanging schmaltzy Christmas cards to each other}
{Sums up how I feel on Boxing Day afternoon after a long walk and lots of food at Mum and Dad's. Snoozy.}
{The dog gets almost as many presents as my Brother and I. My Mum's third child...}
{Christmas Eve cosiness with Coca Cola Ham, a cheese board and pickles etc} 
{Catching the pup sneaking a look at his presents before Santa's 'been'}
{Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve using the Norad app, I'm 21 going on 5... but it's so cute. Do you know the story of Norad?}
{Looking out old photos, little angels in the Nativity}
{Leaving out the mince pie, carrot and whiskey for Santa and his reindeer about 15 years ago haha}

{Santa Paws snoozing on the job}

Merry Christmas everyone. Go sing along to this...
R <3 xx 

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  1. Well done Rebecca! A lovely blog - informative and full of lovely pictures! Looking forward to the next chapter in 2015! Happy Christmas to you and your family x


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