Christmas - Fortnum and Mason at Somerset House

December 09, 2014

Somerset House is always gorgeous at Christmas with a big tree and ice rink but this year Fortnum and Mason have sponsored it and it's the best yet I think. Last Sunday Ben and I went to Columbia Road for our annual Christmas trip and then headed over to Somerset House and it was gorgeous. So so Christmassy!!

The ice rink was packed by half 10am on a Sunday so book tickets in advance if you want to skate. We didn't, we're too scared. I've seen somebody fall over and had their fingers skated over. So we don't skate. Just watch. Much less stressful. Regardless of whether you skate or not though, there's still plenty to see and do. 

There are two cafes, one right next to the ice rink and one, the ultimate one in my opinion, in the Christmas arcade. 

A Christmas arcade indeed. Festive music is piped out, there are lights and decorations everywhere. A maze of rooms filled with gifts and baubles. 

I imagine it gets pretty hectic in the evenings or peak times at a weekend but on a Sunday morning it was lovely and quiet to have a wander around. A much nicer experience than battling your way through London department stores at this time of year. 

The real star of the show though was Fortnum's Lodge, a pop-up apres-skate cafe decorated with antlers and baubles. Tables have traditional clementines and walnuts with nutcrackers and a festive menu. 

It was mid-morning so we fancied a hot-chocolate. But you're in Fortnum and Mason's skate lodge so don't expect a regular hot chocolate..  Except the ultimate hot chocolate. Probably the best I've ever had. 

When ordering, you can choose from a white, milk or dark hot chocolate. Ben went for white, I had milk thinking the white would be too sickly but it was actually really delicious. You can have whipped cream and choose your flavour of marshmallow. 

We both chose salted caramel which I'd definitely recommend and they were even more delicious when melted in our hot chocolates. Such a simple but indulgent idea. I bet the peppermint would be nice. 

I love the copper cups too. If you want an extra winter warmer you can add a shot of flavoured brandy's or vodka too and make it merry. 

We were there around half 10 last Sunday morning and it was very quiet but I imagine the later you go the busier it gets. The food coming out of the kitchen looked amazing though and the cheese fondue comes with a mini F&M wicker hamper. I'd definitely recommend a visit. 

The sky was bright blue when we came out and we stood around watching the ice skaters in the sunshine for a while, it was gorgeous. 

I love the tree decorated with little hampers amongst the baubles. Something only Fortnum and Mason could pull off. 

Magical in the day and evening. One of my favourite places in London at Christmas I think.

R <3 xx 

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  1. Another lovely day out! I wish there were as many beautiful things around HERE to do, as you do in London!! Would you recommend Somerset House at other times of the year, too??

    1. Somerset House is lovely year round but not quite as special as at Christmas time. Where the ice rink is now, in the middle of the courtyard changes to a big marquee for London Fashion Week in Feb and October, and then fountains in the summer and open air cinema nights. There's an art gallery there year round xx

  2. looks wonderful! Alex & I have booked to go skating at Somerset house in the early New Year as something to look forward to post christmas & after reading this I'm even more excited to go! x


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