Flowers In The Home

October 12, 2016

I've always been a big lover of having fresh flowers in the house. They make it pretty, brighten your mood, are an easy way to update your decor and bring some of the outside and seasons in. Normally I'd get my blooms via a cheap bunch from the supermarket, homegrown pretties we've cut from our garden or allotment or occasionally a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market. However, recently I've discovered a new gem of a source to get my floral fix. Have you heard of Freddie's Flowers? Freddie will deliver fresh flowers to your door every week. I'd love to share a few reasons why I'm now a convert {and addicted} to his letter box blooms.

1. Do you get stuck in a flower rut? Normally I'd just stick to the same old flowers that you can buy en mass and cheaply. Sunflowers, peonies when in season or roses from the supermarket. I'd buy just one variety and it didn't feel special. Even if you go to a market, which are few and far between, I'd still just buy one bunch of the same type of flowers. In a box of Freddie's Flowers though you'll find about three or four types of flowers each week, all chosen and hand picked to coordinate and work together.

2. They're flowers that you can't find anywhere else, this week's selection has astrantia in which I had in my wedding bouquet. You definitely won't find that in your local Waitrose. One week pretty larkspur, another Teddybear sunflowers with fluffy frilly heads, another Ornithogalum Saundersaie - dome shaped almost allium looking heads that opened into lots of white small flowers. It's an education as well as feeling special and unique that you wouldn't be able to source easily elsewhere.

3. It's different every week and reflects the changing seasons. The flowers are seasonal so will be picked according to what's available. No two weeks are ever the same which I love so you'll never get bored. It also means that it brings a different feel into your house with the changing colour palette.

4. Normally I'd just shove a bunch of flowers into a jug and they'd look alright but a bit of a mess. However, every box of Freddie's Flowers comes with arrangement tips and by following them I feel like a proper florist. It's taught me about spreading out the different heights and splitting up different flowers within the display which creates a vase that looks professional and expensive. The arrangement really does make a difference.

5. Equally though if you don't feel like having one big bunch of flowers, you've got the option to split them and create smaller displays to make them go further and spread around the house.

6. The packaging makes me smile and it's all so beautifully wrapped. Just look at these cute messages!

7. I now look forward to Wednesday's, our local delivery day. I mean, there's no better post than fresh flowers. And it's so fun not knowing what you're going to get. Sometimes you'll get an extra little surprise in the box! - like these dipped oak leaves this week.

8. They last and last, meaning they're great quality. By delivering them through the post without being in water, you'd think that they wouldn't last for all that long. But the minute you trim them, pop them into water with the food given, they perk straight up and then still look fabulous over ten days later! In fact all of my bunches have lasted for over two weeks. You're given two sachets of Freddie's Flower Feed so that you can change the water a couple of times and still keep them looking fresh. By receiving the next bunch whilst your first still looks pretty, you can mix and match them together or just have a whole house full of flowers!

9. It's great value, and you can easily put a pause on deliveries if you're away or want a break. You can also earn free bunches by sharing the love and recommending to friends. My Mum sent a bunch to a friend, where else can you send pretty blooms through the post for £20?!

10. It's such an inspired fun idea and I love supporting small new businesses with a story behind them. Freddie's surname is Garland believe it or not and his parents are florists. He used to deliver for Abel & Cole but then decided he could do a similar thing for flowers so he and his brother got up at 3am to visit the Covent Garden Flower Market and started putting boxes together. He loves flowers, clearly, and now we all get to enjoy his creations every week!

You can find out more about Freddie's Flowers, and order your own bouquet, on the website here. If you spread the word both you and a friend will receive a free bunch!

I also wrote a piece on displaying and using flowers in the home on Freddie's Blog here.

R <3 xx

{This post is sponsored by Freddie's Flowers. But I'd never ever promote something that I didn't truly love. It wouldn't be fun for me and certainly wouldn't be fair on you lovely lot}.

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