Hydrangeas at Columbia Road Flower Market, and the first visit to the Pumpkin Farm.

October 07, 2016

Hello, Happy Friday! You made it through another week. Although I don't really like this countdown/wishing the week away to get to the weekend. As my Dad always told me, if you do that then you end up wishing about 4/7 of your life away. Which is quite sad when you think about it. So yes I'm always glad when Friday arrives as I love relaxed weekends with my husband and not having to rush around like I do Monday-Friday. But I love the weekdays too. Mostly. A little round up from this week/planning for the weekend/photos from last weekend below.{Writing this to take my mind off the fact I have glass stuck deep in my foot ahhhh}

After a fun weekend with a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market {I've previously written about it back here and here}, an impromptu visit to Five Guys after craving cheeseburgers, walks through the fields, a trip to the farm shop to look at the pumpkins and a cosy evening in with a yummy roast chicken and crumble, this week has been pretty quiet and mostly spent at home working. I've loved having a clear week with not much in the diary for once. On Monday, I started the week with a walk. I'd normally run but my chest is still pretty bad from the remnants of a cold so it was nice to walk without headphones and just soak it all up. There was the prettiest autumn sunrise. I mainly worked that day but took some time to photograph the bathroom and lounge for makeover posts, and then when Ben got home we went for a walk as there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Tuesday was pretty similar, a pilates class and working from home. On Wednesday I went to reformer pilates, I've been promoted to the advanced class {feeling super proud! A year ago I was so frustrated with a bad back and struggled to 'get' reformer classes, but now after spending an hour a week with an incredible teacher I'm amazed at what I can do now and feel so much stronger and more flexible}. Wednesdays after that class tend to lead onto a lunch in the Deli with my pilates group, we have so much fun and are such a mixed bunch. That afternoon a friend came round for a catch up and then I was meant to be in London for work events which got postponed so I went to have a look around my old school with some friends. It's been rebuilt and it was amazing to see some of our old favourite teachers still there after years of us finishing! Crazy to go back in time. Yesterday I helped Ben to get his latest property development ready for photos, he's converted an old barn/office building into flats and I'm so in love with them. They have gorgeous beams and are going on the market this weekend eek! Then home for workkk and emails before a cosy evening in watching The Fall. And now it's Friday. I've got a trip to the doctors which I'm dreading this morning, I got glass in my foot a few days ago after the washing machine spun a glass jar off the top of it and after two lots of soaking and prodding it I can't get it out, it's painful when I walk on it, it's deep in the heel. But I'm also concerned about it getting infected. You see I'm such a worrier when it comes to things like this. I'm really hoping the Nurse can get it this morning because I definitely don't want to go to hospital. Ouch. I don't deal with medical disasters. 

Anyway, enough with my boring week ramblings. Some photos from last weekend - 

I went a bit crazy for hydrangeas at Columbia Road - 

And then stopped at the new Highgate Hill farmers market.

Home for country walks

And the farm shop aka pumpkin heaven.

and then to pick our allotment pumpkins.

and make apple crumble. Yumm

Yay for autumn.

What do you have planned for this weekend? My Friend is hosting a dinner party tonight for a girls night so I'm looking forward to a big girly catch up. And then Ben and I have a bit of a different weekend to normal, when we bought our car back in March time, it got delayed so the garage wanted to make it up to us. They gave us a Land Rover driving experience day {we've chosen an old Defender to drive off road} and then get a spa afternoon, dinner and a stay at Luton Hoo! Not bad! I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to the driving afternoon but it will be an experience. I might love it, or I might be a quivering wreck haha. Also I've been without the pup all week, he's been in Dorset with my parents. Can't wait to see him, walking just isn't the same without him. Sunday will probably be a day for walks and then a family dinner.

P.s. Have you watched The Night Of? Such an amazing series, it reminded me of Breaking Bad in the way it was written, but also a tiny bit Orange is the New Black. I loved it. Great TV. 
P.P.S. had some lovely post this week with the exciting launch of the new So You're Getting Married candles. More on it over here.
P.P.P.S is anyone else waiting for the trees to turn? Everywhere is still so green. 

Back next week with all things growing dahlias, new dinner ideas and our lounge transformation.

R <3 xx 

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  1. This was really nice to read! :) I hope the trip to the docs is ok and that you get the glass out of your foot without a problem... poor you! :(! We're taking my mum out for breakfast tomorrow to celebrate her birthday, hunting round some antique shops to start collecting things for our house, and hopefully getting going for some chilly autumnal walks with friends before collapsing in a heap at the pub! ahh! :)


    1. Thanks Flora! Hope you had a lovely weekend x x

  2. Those flower looks great. I guess that flower market is very good place to buy the flower in that particular area. Thanks for sharing this with us. I personally liked those Sun flowers, they looks just stunning.



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