Christmas Traditions - Choosing The Tree {with FatFace}

December 04, 2016

It's that time of year again! Our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm to choose our trees. I've written all about it here, on last year's post and you can see previous years here too. This year was extra special for us as it's our first Christmas in our new house and we were excited to find a tree the perfect size for our new lounge. You can see all the photos, and some of the cosy new winter clothes I've chosen for this season, below. 

I've been a FatFace fan for years now, their clothes look and feel so nice whilst being good value and I also find that compared to so many other high street shops, they're much more flattering and longer length. I think I've reached the point where I'm too old for Topshop! From summer dresses I've had for years and years, that wash so well, to cosy knitwear, I love it all. So you can imagine my excitement when FatFace asked me to collaborate with them. This is what I've chosen from their new collection for the winter; 

It wouldn't be winter without a new bobble hat {here}, a huge herringbone scarf that could double up as a blanket that should go with nearly all colours and fold over gloves in a snowflake pattern

These bits also happen to go well with my new coat that I'm head over heels in love with. I genuinely have never loved a coat more. It's oh so warm with duck down {perfect for this freezing weather}, a cosy lining, tartan pattern inside and double VELVET POCKETS. I actually haven't worn gloves since wearing it because I just love the feeling of putting my hands in the pocket. The hood is pretty gorgeous too. I've sized up in it as want it to go over jumpers etc. You can see it in the photos below.

I only really wear red around Christmas so love this new peplum red patterned top that sits well under this cream knit cardigan

Like bobble hats, it wouldn't be Christmas without a new festive jumper. I love this pretty fairisle Rudolph one that's wintry enough whilst still being subtle and neutral enough to wear day to day in December with jeans. It's soft {and not at all itchy like some knitwear}

Lets talk sleepwear! THAT dressing gown, it's the softest and cosiest gown ever. I originally tried this in small but actually swapped it for a large, size up, you'll want it as big and snuggly as possible. The starry cuffed pj bottoms and super soft fleece lined grey sweat top that goes with it will keep you warm on cold nights. I'm going to struggle to take these off for the rest of December and beyond.

So, wrapped up warm, we were ready to choose our tree! Last Friday was such a crisp sunny day. Perfect for tree shopping at our favourite farm.

It was hard to judge what size we could go for this year. They range from the teeny tiny {baby christmas trees are too cute} to huge pine trees. In the end we decided on 9ft for our lounge and my parents always go for a 14ft-er for their barn conversion ceilings. 

Ben bought a tape measure with him! 

There were so many to choose between and different types of pine. We wanted a nice soft needle that was as wide as we could find.

We chose our tree and the guys came to cut her down. For every tree that they cut, they plant a new one in it's place for future years. To us the whole thing symbolises the start of our festive season. I love family rituals and Martin who owns the farm is our version of Father Christmas.

We always go at the end of November, people ask every year if it will last in time for Christmas but getting them cut so fresh means that they'll last a good 6 weeks. In fact in January we almost feel bad when it's time to take it down as it still looks so good. 

With ours chosen it was time to help my parents choose. They had the top 14ft of this huge tree.


So much love for this gang.

They then go to get netted and loaded into our car, it's always a fun drive home with the trees hanging out the back!

Our first Christmas in #rvkprojecthouse. In she goes!

Next up, decorating the tree!

When does Christmas begin for you?

R <3 xx

{This post was sponsored by Fat Face but I've been buying their clothes for years and years. As always all opinions are my own and I would never promote something I don't truly love}

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  1. Love that hat and scarf combo, oh and that loungewear is perfect! Also, your tree looks amazing! We got our tree at the weekend and it's already wonky, oops!

    Rachael xx.

    1. Thanks Rachael! Haha oh no, ours fell over one year! Touch wood this one's stayed upright so far x

  2. I truly love Christmas and love a family tradition. We always get our tree the first weekend of December and I have to battle my husband to keep just silver on the tree. He loves to cover it in colour! So far so good! I do love that Christmas jumper, I've been eyeing up the joules ones :) Excited to see your kitchen project unfold. We're starting a small extension on our cottage in the new year and will be opening up our kitchen! super exciting! can't wait to start kitchen shopping!!! Merry Christmas H xx

    1. Thanks Harriette! Good luck with your extension! It's soo exciting but also such a mine field out there with a million decisions to make x

  3. How is your tree supported? House is looking lovely btw

    1. It's in a stand within the galvanised tub. Thank you x


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