Merry Weekend {number 47}

December 02, 2016

It's December already!! This makes me all kinds of happy and I'm so excited for the next four weeks of wreaths, fairy lights, carols, fires, gingerbread and alll the turkey. It really is the most wonderful time of the year, don't you think? It's been a while since I feel like I've written properly on the blog and there's so much to fill you in on! 

Since we got back from the Seychelles, we've left autumn and gone full on into winter/Christmas mode. Last Friday we got our tree {more on that on Monday} and with our kitchen being knocked down in a matter of days, we wanted to get the house all decorated before chaos descends. 

I'm in the middle of writing a blog post with how we've decorated the new house for Christmas this year which I'll share next week. In the meantime, there are a few sneak peeks on my Instagram.. 

We had our chimney breast opened up in the lounge whilst we were away and the log burner got fitted on Wednesday this week. It's made such a huge difference to the room, not only in the whole look but also warmth. I'll share the whole before and after, with some tips on the whole thing in a post soon. {it was SO dusty but totally worth it}. Since then, we've been been loving cosy evenings in. I think we'll spend most of December here!

We used the mantle shelf from our old kitchen and I've decorated it for Christmas. Along with the hallway!

I've been burning the White Company's Winter candle all week, it's my favourite at this time of year.

The cold frost at the start of week has been wonderful for wintry walks and runs. Cold crisp days to layer up are a million times better than those horrible mild wet days.

On Tuesday evening, a clear cold night, Ben and I went into St Albans for a dinner date and to finish a bit more Christmas shopping off. I think I'm mostly there with presents now, just a few more bits for a couple of people and then it will be onto wrapping.

I've written most of my cards now, I just need to go to the post office for stamps. Do they still sell the nice Christmas collection?

On Wednesday night I was at a press launch in Chelsea and came across these dashing fellas. London is looking so festive all of a sudden. 

And it's wreath watch time again! I spotted this fine specimen in St Albans. I'm off to make mine tomorrow with my Mumma, one of our traditions to start December off.

Ben and I spent last weekend in Richmond, I can never resist a visit to Petersham Nurseries and it was all dressed for Christmas. So pretty.

Followed by dinner at Mum and Dad's with this little guy helping us to decorate their tree. Santa Paws.

And now it's Friday! As I type this the garden is being prepped for our extension, the ground works start next week eeek. I started packing up the kitchen yesterday, leaving out only what we need for the next couple of months with a tiny temporary kitchen yoiks. We'll have a small induction hob, a sink, a microwave oven and fridge freezer. No washing machine, cooker or tumble dryer so we'll have to be creative {and pop round to my parents a lot}! I'm trying to convince Ben to plumb us a temporary dishwasher in too. Our garage is currently half dismantled, a summerhouse is mostly built {yay!} and the patio is clear and ready for demolition. It's going to be an exciting but also pretty crazy couple of months. I need to get my head ready for the mountain of decisions that will be thrown our way. We need to go and look at bifold doors in the next week or so and finalise the kitchen plans. It's alll go. But no pain, no gain and I'm dreaming of March april time when it should all be finished ready for the summer.

But anyway, onto this weekend. I've managed to tick quite a lot off of my work and to-do list today after a yummy breakfast at Fred & Ginger. Tomorrow is for wreath making with my Mum then a date with the girls at the pub and on Sunday Ben and I have a festive day planned together.

Back soon with all things Christmas! Along with all the house updates.

Have a lovely weekend, R <3 xx 

P.S. did you catch the Rock My Style posts on our bathroom and hallway/office? As always, they've shot and captured it all so much better than I ever could. I'm thrilled with the features. 

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