Scenes from our Christmas, 2016

December 27, 2016

I'm writing this after eating yet another plate of yummy leftovers and after another long frosty cold walk with the whole family. I love these magical Christmas days when everyone can slow down, not know what day it is and I just wish they could last forever. I try and make it last as long as possible so for me Christmas started back last weekend and ends at New Year, alll the photos below. 

Last weekend was for partying. Drinks with the neighbours, a stomach aching laughing night with the girls and getting dressed up as Minnie mouse for a disney themed Christmas party. 

 Then came the week before Christmas when my brother was home from uni so we had a family day out at the cinema {to watch A Street Cat Named Bob}, we finished prepping the presents and exchanging cards and I met the girls for hot chocolates.

We made the most of cosy evenings at our house before moving in with my parents over Christmas {and to escape the building work!}

We tackled the food shop, cooked the ham and picked up the turkey. These preparatory days where friends drop in and the excitement builds are my favourite.

And then came Christmas Eve! The best day of them all you might say. We started with our annual Christmas dog walk through the village before a team effort to get started on the food prep.

I bought my Mumma some flowers for hosting this year,

Christmas songs on the radio and sprout peeling a go.

My Dad always makes the stuffing every year and Ben was on potato duty. I snuck in some time for extra pup cuddles {and reindeer socks}

With the food all prepped and the presents under the tree we all sat down to watch Home Alone which I think we might make a new tradition.

Ben's Dad popped round and we swapped presents, including these Hotel Chocolat *heart eye emoji*. I don't think I've stopped eating chocolate since, yule log, stocking chocolate, the lot. Detox starts in January!

In the evening we got dressed up and went over to Ben's Brothers with his Mum and Nanny as we wouldn't see them on Christmas Day this year. And then it was back for our annual Christmas Eve tea and the end of the movie before hanging up the stockings.

Christmas Day was crazy warm, we all decided to take the dog out before breakfast and presents this year. Santa Hats obligatory.

We got home to croissants and then set about distributing the presents. Something my Brother and I will never grow out of. It's funny how my Mum still fills our stockings, she said it will only stop when I have children of my own.

The puppy got spoilt.

As did we all.

I bought my parents a bespoke dog portrait of Riley {you must think we're dog crazy, I think we pretty much are} which they loved.

And then onto the turkey prep. We leave it in the oven before popping to a family friends for drinks mid morning, another tradition that's been going on over the years.

We had a small 20lb-er....

We had my Grandparents over for lunch this year before hosting friends for games in the evening.

We stuffed ourselves silly with food and then went over to the party barn. Next year Ben and I are hoping to host our first Christmas, all being well with our new kitchen eeek!

Boxing Day was beautiful, a day to walk off the turkey and snuggle up on the sofa.

I saw a friend who'd come back from Australia for Christmas and then we all had a leftover dinner and a sunset walk. Being lazy is lovely but then we all get cabin fever and need some fresh air.

And onto today. Another frosty walk before cooking up a storm at my parents ready for Christmas round two tomorrow with our extended family. I'm sure we'll all want to get back to normal soon {getting the house all spring cleaned when the decs come down and burning off all those christmas calories} but right now I'm soaking it alll up. 

Christmas we love you. Fairy lights and cosy fun family times are the closest you'll get to magic I think.

I hope you all had fun. How is it 2017 next week?!! 

R <3 xx 

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  1. Can I ask about the ham please? If you cook it before Christmas how long does it keep and do you serve it as a cold cut? Thanks

    1. It lasts for a good two weeks but is usually eaten within one. We keep it in the fridge and yes serve it cold. We use this recipe although slightly modified It's DELICIOUS! xx

  2. Hi. I see your pictures and enjoy from them. I live in Iran and hope you have a very good year. Thank you so much. (فواید بادمجان)


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