Food - Posh Picnicking and Summer Snacking {with Boursin}

July 21, 2017

I've got a new secret addiction. He's French, very delicious and will have you dreaming of summer nights with his company. His name is Boursin and I don't know why it's taken me so long to discover. Of course I'm being silly and talking about cheese but this is a cheese like no other. I will start by saying that this is a sponsored post. BUT as I've said before, and truly stand by the fact, that I will never promote anything I don't truly love {In fact I would hate to promote anything I didn't love, what would be the point?}. And honest to god I'm head over heels in love with this cheese. Garlicky and full of herbs, it's not something I ever would have expected to work with a cheese. But this just goes together so well and has become a new favourite for summer snacking. Ben is just as addicted as I am and it's become our go to for picnics or quick lunches. If you close your eyes when you eat it you could just imagine that you're in France...

We had a picnic in the garden for dinner on Friday night with just a big French stick and a round of Boursin. I posted a photo on Instagram and it seems like nearly all of you are smitten with Boursin too. There are so many ways to eat it {one of you said that you secretly just eat it from the spoon haha} but my ultimate favourite is on French bread with some cherry tomatoes and summer fruit for afters. I use it like butter yet it's so so much more flavourful than butter could ever be. 

I think the best picnics are the most simplest in terms of food. You want a lot of a just a few good fresh uncomplicated summer ingredients. But then you can make it extra special with candles, flowers or your location. Imagine this on the beach or by a river in the sunshine. It takes picnicking to a whole new level.

You don't even need cutlery if I'm being honest. Just rip your bread and dip it in. Or maybe just a knife to smear that bit more on.

I've also been having Boursin as a quick lunch on crackers. Fresh crusty bread definitely has the edge but if you haven't been shopping, crackers are a close second to spread it onto and get your fix. 

I had this with some avocado, red pepper and cherry tomatoes to bring something yummy to a midweek lunch. 

Somebody told me that I should look out for the black pepper version of Boursin. It's next on my list!

If you haven't tried it already then don't blame me when you get addicted. It happens all so fast, one minute you're oblivious and the next it's all you want to eat.

I've been thinking about how I could incorporate Boursin into recipes - that intense flavour would add so much to the simplest dish. I think it would be great with chicken/fish or pasta and am now on the hunt for recipes! 

Are you a Boursin fan?

R <3 xx 

{this post is sponsored by Boursin but as always I would never promote anything I didn't truly love}

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  1. I don't really eat cheese but i love Boursin. A few of my faves, is stuffed in chicken that is wrapped in Parma ham or Bacon. Or just a dullop on some wilted spinach :)


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