Summer Pavlova - Blueberry and Passionfruit with a Coconut Cream {Dairy Free}

July 24, 2017

Mmn, pavlova. It's a pudding that everybody loves in the summer and is a perfect get-ahead pudding that you can leave in the fridge until the last minute. Great for BBQs and the hot summery days we've been spoilt with so far. A Great British summer after all! Walker's Shortbread asked me to come up with some recipes for their meringues and I decided to go tropical for this one. You can see my mini pavlovas with berries and a rose white chocolate cream here. This recipe is dairy free {not because I'm avoiding dairy but because I love coconut and all of my friends did too} yet I don't think you miss the cream in this one bit.

I used to make pavlovas from scratch all the time, whisking up egg whites, making sure my bowl was scrupulously clean. But then life got busy and who has time to worry about your meringue cracking and going horribly wrong in the oven? These days I'm more than happy to cheat to avoid that stress. Walker's Shortbread have pretty pavlova bases ready to go, and the real fun part is the topping anyway. 

I learned this coconut cream trick from google. If you put a can of coconut milk {full fat} in the fridge overnight, when you open it the next day the water and cream would have separated. Spoon out your thick cream from the top and whisk. I used just one can but I think 2 would have been better for a bigger pavlova. Whisk on a high setting, adding some sugar to taste if you wish. I think with the sweet meringue and fruit you don't need to add much, if any. Put back in the fridge to set.

Then fill your pavlova case. I should have whipped my coconut cream a little stiffer but once you cover it in fruit it doesn't matter too much. 

I covered mine in passionfruit first, scooping out the seeds and juice to go on top of the cream. I used four for this size as they came in a pack that size but if you can buy individually you could get away with 2/3.

Passionfruit will always remind me of breakfasts in tropical places. I don't think to buy it at home often but I guess I should do more.

You could just leave it with the passionfruit on but I had lots of blueberries to use up so sprinkled these on top.

Et, voila. That's literally it. Keep chilling in the fridge until just before you're ready to serve. Maybe dust with icing sugar if you're feeling like Delia.

I served this with some chocolate brownies and fresh summer berries for a BBQ with my girls.

Needless to say there wasn't any pudding left by the end of the night 😋

Serve with Pimm's.

And sit outside in the sunshine to dig in. This was the first time our patio was finished enough to sit on! 

Patio/garden post coming very soon.

What's your favourite way to top a pavlova? You can find Walker's meringues online here and more  inspiration on their blog here.

R <3 xx

{This post was sponsored by Walker's but all opinions are 100% my own. I'd never partner with a brand that I don't love}

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