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March 01, 2018

Hello! How are you? As you've probably seen, we're home from Aus and normal blogging has been resumed for a while! I can't remember the last time I wrote one of these weekend/catch up posts with Christmas & then our travels. I feel like I share so much on Instagram stories these days that I don't need to then repeat a load of it on the blog but actually it's nice sometimes to have it in a more permanent form to refer back to.

So, what have I been up to since getting back? A mix really, the first morning after getting home I had a breakfast meeting in London with a big brand {not sure if I can say more just yet} for a collaboration later on in the year. It was definitely a shock to the system after three weeks spent gallivanting around sunny Australia in sandals & sun-hats to come back to a very rainy grey day in London! But it did me good to get back into things straight away. With the jet-lag I was going to bed early and then waking up early which I loved for a few days. I took things fairly slowly for the rest of the week and enjoyed catching up with family & friends. Although Ben was straight into our loft renovation, he's such a trooper. {see this blog post for talk of all the plans}. At the weekend we decided it was time to get back into the allotment & growing for this year - full post on that coming early next week I promise with an exciting interview with the queen of all things growing.

And now it's FREEZING cold! In fact, the coldest week we've had in the UK for over 5 years with minus temperatures and so much snow! Where did that hint of Spring go to?!

// Some highlights from the last couple of weeks if you'd like to see;

I've actually really enjoyed just a quiet couple of weeks at home. Domestic chores & afternoons working from bed on my laptop. I know that we've got a crazy couple of months coming up so I'm actually appreciating this last bit of Winter to just stay home. We haven't even wanted to go out much at weekends either.

Look how much these daffs have grown in these two photos! One from when we got home and one from this weekend.

We had a really fun Sunday with my Brother & his gorgeous girlfriend at Soho Farmhouse. I think we'll make it a regular Sunday thing, partly because the food is SO good. I'm hoping we don't get snowed in this weekend to go again.

The first weekend we were home felt really warm & sunny so we rushed to the garden centre to get ready for spring {full garden post next week don't worry} but of course now it's practically Baltic out there with the garden covered in snow!

It's felt good to get back into the greenhouse though and start some seeds off. I quite like this time of year with the promise of a full growing season ahead but it not being warm enough to do anything proper yet so we can still be lazy in the evenings instead of worrying about all of the allotment/garden we should be dealing with.

As well as the bedroom/ loft project we've been focusing on finishing some other little corners of the house off. We got the fern print in Australia which is perfect for the landing. And we're about to create a little travel gallery wall on the wall opposite.

Belly baskets gifted from Belly Basket Fantastic
And the fiddle leaf fig delivered from Root Houseplants.
The hand drawn travel print was from this Valentine's collab this year.

I was SO happy to receive the new Elemis superfood collection to try out. So far, I'm really loving it and it's filled with pre-biotics and plant based goodness. And it makes sense doesn't it, we try to nourish our bodies with superfoods like broccoli/avocado/chia seeds so why not treat our skin with it too. This is a collection I definitely want to keep using so I'll update you!

It's been exciting to get planning on the new bathroom which will be quite different {although probably ten times smaller in the attic} than this one. At first I felt so daunted by a new project but now we've chosen a few things and got started I'm back to the excitement stage again {that and knowing that this should be the last dusty part for a long time!}.

A new {Zara} pink coat that should take me through to when the weather warms up.

I gave myself last Friday off so had a walk with a new friend and breakfast with the pup before treating myself to a trip to St Albans for new make-up. I love days like that so much & it was such a beautiful day.

Back to frosty walks. A world away from Australian beach walks but beautiful nonetheless.

I gave the front door a little refresh ready for a new season with pots of bulbs I'd planted back in the autumn and a new doormat. {online here}

A few of you asked for this soup recipe after I posted it on stories the other day. We use this soup maker which is amazing for fresh soup in 20 minutes flat. You can literally chuck anything in but for this super green soup I used; a white onion {peeled but not chopped}, 2 garlic cloves {peeled}, a bag of watercress, peas, about 6 frozen spinach balls, some frozen courgette we had grown from last summer, and a low-salt organic stock cube. And that's it. You then top it up with boiling water to the max line and press go. Basically just chuck everything in until you hit the max.

Valentine's blooms.

At first I was really annoyed with this cold weather, especially as we'd come back from the heat, but now I'm excited for the snow and enjoying these cosy days by the fire and hunkering down. I guess, again, I'm just thinking about how fast this year is going already and the busy travelled filled couple of months coming up along with trying to finish the garden/extension so in the meantime I'm happy just staying still, not wishing anytime away for a change. - Update, the snow arrived!! It's like Narnia out there again.

Even if it does mean getting caught in a few snowstorms!

Frozen puppy.

// And some lows from the past couple of weeks;

Saying goodbye to Ben's Grandma yesterday. She passed away whilst we were in Australia at the grand old age of 94! Funerals are always sad but this one was uplifting at the same time as she'd had such a good innings, and the snow storm as we came out of the church was definitely magical and memorable.

Finding out that we've had mice gallivanting around our kitchen at night! It's been a nightmare trying to evict them this week as they'd got into two of our kitchen cupboards. Definitely an education and a real adult life lesson. I had to laugh on Sunday as we were dealing with them otherwise I would have cried. Fingers crossed they won't come back! Leaving a sonic thing plugged into the wall to deter anymore.

The cold - snow days and staying cosy can be fun but when you have bad circulation like I do it does make me feel miserable sometimes. I've been fighting a cold/viral thing this week too so have been trying hard to just keep warm & can't stop coughing at night.

As always, I love your feedback both Instagram & blog wise and welcome any requests for posts. Do you have anything nice planned for this weekend? I think we'll wait to see just how much snow we get as to whether we can even leave the village! It's my friend's Birthday tonight so I'm looking forward to celebrations with the girls and then we'll see what this weekend brings. I'm off to Cornwall for a couple of exciting days with Joules next week! More on that soon.

R <3 xx 

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  1. I love your update type of posts and it sounds silly, but I always feel sad when I hit the end! I'm really into interiors at the moment so I loved seeing snippets of your home. And I'm really sorry to hear about Ben's Grandma :( 94 is a remarkable age though! x

  2. Your house is goals and your photos are always amazing! I love these sorts of catch up posts and I'm really sorry about Ben's Grandma! My thoughts are with you guys xx


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