England // A Day Trip to Southwold

July 30, 2018

Last week, it was SO hot that we were desperate to escape to the beach. We'd planned to get up early on Sunday, but then realised it would probably be really busy and my parents were going out that way the next day to look at a greenhouse that they wanted our help deciding on. So we made it a cute little family day out on Monday instead. Unfortunately my brother had to work but it was a nice treat for the rest of us to spend time and go for a day out on a Monday {although I did manage to get some work done in the two hours it took us to reach the coast!}. It was scorching. 

Always a fun car ride with Riley and his motorbike obsession...

After stopping for the greenhouse visit, we made our way to Walberswick. This is one of our favourite seaside towns in England after we discovered it last summer {and one of Ben's Mum's favourites too that she'd told us about}. It's just the other side of Southwold and there's a row boat ferry to take you across the estuary. 

Walberswick itself is such a charming hamlet. But we were starving for lunch, and had made a reservation across the other side of the water, so parked quickly and raced to the ferry.

The same man has been rowing the ferry for years, you pay £1 each way and wait for him to bring the boat over. 

It was hilarious seeing Riley get on the boat too.

Probably my favourite ever photo of Dad and the pup.

We'd called earlier in the day to make a booking and were so grateful we had thought in advance. We got the very last table! We think it's one of the best restaurants in the area for seafood.

Ben & I have bought fish from their fishmonger before but never eaten in the main restaurant. They allow dogs in which was perfect for us.

Pretty much my dream lunch right there, crab, a really good baguette, salad and a couple of crevettes. Everyone else had fish and chips and loved them. We definitely want to go back, they're open even in the Winter which I think would be really cosy on a cold, crisp day. They're meant to be famous for hot chocolates too.

And then to the beach! I'm obsessed with sandy beaches backed by dunes and seagrass.

And despite it being a 30 degree day at the start of the summer holidays, it wasn't that busy compared to beaches on the south coast. 

Riley is water obsessed so swam his way along the beach, waiting for us to throw stones in for him.

Mum & I made a beeline for the beach huts on the sand. Southwold is famous for beach huts {and their prices, Ben looked on rightmove whilst we were there and found one for £130k!!}. 

Are you a nautical stripes or pink hut lover?

Love those little sailing boats in the background.

We walked along to Southwold high street. The sweetest seaside street complete with bunting and pastel coloured houses.

Cute English cottages and hollyhocks growing on every corner {just like the Ile de Re!}

It was almost 5pm by this point so most places were closing {I wish in England everything would stay open a little longer in summer like when you're on holiday. It feels so abrupt!}. There's a trendy gelato shop in town but we were all full from lunch so bought some local fruit from the little farmer's market in the middle of the main triangle of high street instead.

We had a browse around the famous Adnam's brewery factory shop for Dad, you'll quickly notice how Adnam's own just about every brewery and pub in this area! Then if you walk around to the lighthouse you can see the factory by the houses.

Favourite stretch of cottages.

The ferry back to Walberswick stops running at 5 so we had to walk the long way back round up to find the bridge to cross the river. It took us through the pretty marshland by the golf club and then past all the boats moored up. Such a gorgeous walk except I stupidly wore new shoes and got horrendous blisters by the end of it! Ben gave me a piggyback until I was too heavy to carry and then I walked bare foot back to the car ha!

Next time we'll definitely spend longer in Walberswick, I adore that place. Such a cute summers day out. We really should do that more often.

R <3 xx 

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