Summer // A letter to myself in Winter {feat Wimbledon, Soho Farmhouse & Country Scenes}

July 04, 2018

England is at her very very best right now. We're two weeks into a heatwave that shows no sign of shifting, full sun and 28c+ on the weather for the next ten days. No cloudy skies, no muddy fields, no grey. I LIVE for days like these. When you wake up and can smell the heat in the air already, you pull out clothes you normally only wear on holiday, you have so much energy and want to be up and out, savouring the outdoors. You cover over 20k steps daily without even trying, you pick summer produce from the allotment, you eat summery berries, frozen watermelon, you BBQ, this is no time for proper cooking that will make you hot. You enjoy the garden you've worked so hard to create, you eat dinner alfresco, hell you eat breakfast and lunch alfresco as much as you can, you go on picnics, you go to the markets, you sunbathe and soak up the Vitamin D, your skin goes brown and you wear sun hats and picking up your sunglasses on the way out the door becomes second nature. You only wear socks to run, instead picking out sandals each day, your legs haven't been covered in weeks. You sleep with the windows wide open, waking up to that bright sunlight as the sun rises at 4am every morning. You feel like you're on holiday in your own garden. You have less spare time and you sleep less {longgg light days}, battling to keep the garden watered and fit the allotment in but you wouldn't swap it for the world. You know it won't last forever. But that makes it all the more special. Please stick around summer! {and if you're reading this in Winter on one miserable February day where summer feels world's away, KNOW that this will come around again}. - note to readers, this is full of photos I've shared on my Instagram stories over the past few weeks for me to look back on, but I warn you it's full of countryside photos that might be boring to some! But I just can't get enough of those views. 

Evenings at our allotment, walking along and staying until late and it still not being dark. Picking raspberries, the sweetest strawberries and jostaberries {a blackcurrant gooseberry hybrid} and alll the sweet peas/roses. It really is our little slice of heaven down there. Full post coming soon.

Blue skies for days. When was the last cloudy day?! And this rose in our garden! Laden with blooms.

Walking through our favourite fields, early mornings and late evenings, strappy tops and not even feeling cold. This heatwave!

Getting our bikes out {before 6am! on a Sunday, the sun already high in the sky} and cycling to the Aquadrome through the countryside and back on the canal in time for breakfast in the garden.

Fresh flowers from the garden {before they all got too thirsty!}

Afternoons spent working in the garden, on my laptop, from the deck chair. Or dinners and BBQs.

Lighting our firepit for the first time! {this one}

Those 9pm walks and pink hazy skies.. World's away from it getting dark by 4pm in Winter. Summer forever?!

Running early to beat the heat. With views like this.

Countryside bore!

BBQs at Mum & Dad's

Days at Soho Farmhouse aka one of our favourite places in the world in summer.

Actually having a summer to wear holiday clothes! Instead of rain coats..

Picnics and market visits

Exploring new parts of London on a date night. Wimbledon & Wahaca.

Spot the windmill!

I hope you're enjoying this dreamy summer?

R <3 xx 

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