Marriage // Celebrating Four Years {Happy Anniversary} inc dinner at The Ivy Marlow Garden

July 15, 2018

Four whole years already?! You probably know by now how I got a bit OTT for Birthdays/Valentine's Day/Christmas/Halloween etc, so wedding anniversaries are no exception. I mean, why not?! Last week we celebrated our Fourth anniversary since we tied the knot {see this post for the story of how we met, and this for the proposal, this for our wedding day}. It also coincided with the heatwave so the summery days felt even more special. As I always say, the sun always shines on the 3rd July!

I don't know if I have much to add onto this post where I talked about being married after one year because it sounds cheesy and smushy but I fall more and more in love with my husband every week! Last week as we were cycling in the Île De Ré, Ben in front of me I honestly couldn’t believe how lucky I am to be married to this guy. Sure, he drives me crazy sometimes but there's nobody else who I'd rather leave crisp packets by the sofa or listen to laughing whilst watching Task Master {his favourite program ever, my most hated!}.  I'm completely besotted with him and I still think he knows me so much better than I even know myself. Whether we're out on a date night, which we still try to make a lot of time for, or just home or at our allotment, everything still feels special. We've been working from home together almost everyday over the past few months and I thought it would drive us mad but it's the opposite, having lunch together most days and even working in the same room when we have an office each if we wanted. I'll really miss him when he goes back to site days. This past year has been really fun with some incredible travel adventures and I think we're just trying to make the most of this time pre-children to just enjoy everything. Since I wrote this post last year after our 3rd anniversary feeling confused and questioning if we want children, I think we've both definitely realised we do want children, just not quite yet. I know there's no such time as ever being ready, but I'm still a little too scared of rushing into it and then everything changing too much too soon? Of course I'm no marriage/relationship expert but I think one of the biggest things that I think any couple should do is to be light-hearted and laugh as much as you can. So many niggles can be stopped just by laughing things off rather than taking it all too seriously. Here's to the next four years! And I hope the next 4 and on and on and on <3.

We'd spent the day before our anniversary playing hooky in the Cotswolds for the day at Soho Farmhouse and Daylesford, two of our very favourite places that were glorious in the sunshine. On the day, Ben was working and I had a house shoot but then we went for an anniversary dinner in Marlow by the river before we took off to France for a few days. Back to reality now but wow that was a dreamy old week!

I bought this dress from Zara a while back and realised I probably loved it so much because the bow on the back reminded me of my wedding gown!

Summery Marlow looking pretty with bunting and flower displays for the regatta month.

 Ben's Mum had bought us a voucher for the Ivy Garden restaurants at Christmas so we thought it was the perfect evening to use it.

We ended up bringing our booking forward to get home for the England match {which was so dramatic and they ended up winning on penalties! The whole country was FULL of joy and optimism, we laughed as we went to bed after the game, the windows wide open as it was such a hot night listening to people driving around playing the Three Lions song}

Boats by the river.

Such a pretty courtyard garden.

Favourite Ivy pudding ever, the frozen berries with white chocolate. We make this at home!

3rd July <3.

Anniversary cards. 

'You are the best adventure I could ask for'

We didn't go mad on presents, always preferring to go out for dinner or go away. But I surprised Ben with a Cowshed massage voucher, he secretly loves a spa!

Where does time go?! I still remember this day like it was just yesterday. Yet in the same breath, it feels like we've been married FOREVER! We looked at our wedding photos again, almost appreciating them more as time goes on? And watched our video.

Cheers to us <3

R <3 xx 

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  1. Congratulations! We got married last month and four years seems so far away (although we've been together seven years and that has flown by). Also taskmaster, love that show!


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