Happy Weekend

March 13, 2015

{Signs of Spring everywhere you look}
Happy Friday! This has really felt like the first week of Spring, good timing after getting back from California last week. It's so lovely to not have to think about a coat or a thick scarf before you go out the door. I've loved having the doors wide open in the day and spending some time in the garden. We've started our first lot of seeds off too, that's when you know that Spring has really sprung. I'll do a blog post about seeds next week, I'm planning more of a cutting garden this year at the allotment. How was your week? I've mainly been playing catch up whilst nipping out for nice walks, catching up with friends and eating lunch in the garden. Also can you sense a theme with these weeks photos? - nearly all of them involve flowers this week! 

{Pretty hellebores fresh for picking from the garden}
{Sunshine and spring fresh air filling the house all week. Happy days}
{I swapped the cushions over for the spring/summer this week,
bye bye autumn tartan and hello pretty florals}
{I haven't seen much blossom around yet but there's an abundance
of snowdrops and daffs this year. And lots of warm sunshine this week!}
{Working here = happiness on a sunny day}
I'm looking forward to this weekend, I'm on a modern calligraphy course tomorrow morning for SYGM which I've wanted to do for ages then catching up with one of my best friends before seeing Ben's Mum for an early Mother's Day. Then on Sunday we're all off to Brighton for Mother's Day by the seaside visiting my brother. We're taking the pup with us for a long walk along the beach and a Sunday lunch. What have you got planned? Hope you've got something nice planned for Sunday.

Lots of blog posts up next week. Back in action after a little break with a post all about seed planting, our recent trip to San Diego, South East Asia, planting up galvanised tubs in the garden and some dinner inspirations. Any other specific requests? They're always welcome via the comments or my Instagram.

Also I was excited for Cox and Cox to feature Roses and Rolltops this week!

Have a good one.

R <3 xx

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  1. Your home is just so dreamy : ) We are off to Norfolk for a weekend break. I'm hoping for a day by the sea side but the weather is set to be pants! Will have to make do with it.

    I'd love to know more about your dried out hydrangeas. Did you dry them out yourself? How long will they last?

    Happy Friday!

    Gemma x

    1. Thank you Gemma! Hope you enjoyed Norfolk and the weather turned out ok in the end? I'll do a post on drying hydrangeas if you like, my Mother in Law did these for me out of our wedding flowers. There are a couple of different methods but she did it by hanging them upside down near a window and left them for a week, they'll stay like they are now for years. xx

  2. Happy weekend. I agree with Gemma, your home is dreamy and what a lovely spot to sit and do work with the doors open. I'm looking forward to your planting posts this week :) have a good weekend x

    1. Thanks Laura! Hope you've had a lovely weekend xxx


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