Styling your home with the seasons - The Spring Edit

March 23, 2015

I love changing my home through the seasons, when the nights draw in for Autumn and Winter I feel like I want to make it as cosy as possible with thick tartan blankets, fairy lights and woody smelling candles. But as soon as Spring rolls around the doors and windows are flung open and I want as many fresh flowers filling the house as I can. I change my displays with the weather and currently it's looking a bit like this:

Cheery daffodils from our allotment in little fluted zinc pots from Cox and Cox on the island...

... and daffodils in jugs scattered elsewhere, they're £1 a bunch so it's rude not to chuck them in your trolley when you do the weekly shop. They look like little sunshines when they're open.

Scented narcissi by the kitchen sink, they smell incredible and last for ages.

And the Primrose I got from Waddesdon Manor a good couple of months back is still going strong! I water it a couple of times a week as they like their soil quite damp. I'm obsessed with yellow this season.

Pink florals on the sofa instead of my usual green tartan for the colder months. They're all feather filled meaning they're super squidgy and heaven to sink into {but need plumping a million times a day}.

Sunlit tulips on the kitchen table in an old enamel jug my Mum got me for Christmas. Again they're such good value in the supermarkets right now and the pastel colours are super pretty.

My favourite place to sit at the moment when the sun is shining {but it's still a bit too chilly to sit properly outside} and the doors are open looking out onto the garden.

Spring cushions and you can just about see our table and chairs outside that we've uncovered for the season after the winter.

I got a few new bits at the Country Living Fair last week {post on which will be up this afternoon} - this glass bell jar with muscari in and the pumpkin tea light bowls for a dining room display in the middle of the table. I like displaying spring bulbs like this as they don't need much soil or water to put on a good show inside. Somebody on Instagram asked me about spring bulbs inside, it's important to remember that they have all the nutrients they need to grow already stored inside the bulb so water sparingly if there's no drainage and use only a tiny bit of soil or moss instead. Try and keep them somewhere cool though and water about once a week if needed. Make sure they don't sit in water or the bulbs will rot. And then plant back outside once they've gone past their best ready to dig up again next year.

We're still waiting to finish the art display on the dining room wall off with just one more print that I've asked for my birthday this week. I haven't blogged it before now as it looks weird with a big gap in the middle!

I will do a feature once finished but for those who have asked - all of the black and white prints are from Ikea with black frames again from Ikea. The vegetable print is Cavallini and Co wrapping paper that we framed in an Ikea frame and the vintage flower prints were from Paris.

Now it's time to get the bunting and pink paper pom-poms out for my Birthday decorations and once next weekend is out the way, the Easter gear!! I'm planning a twisted willow tree on the island this year with little chicks, eggs and bunnies hanging down from it. Watch this space!

Do you style your home for the seasons? There's a great hashtag on Instagram called stylingtheseasons that you could look at for inspiration. While I love having a tidy, pretty house - it's just another form of procrastination when I should really be getting on with more important things ;).

R <3 xx

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