Officially Springtime...

March 02, 2015

Hello March and the official start of Spring, I really love this time of year with the evenings getting lighter, daffodils, tulips and magnolia blossom all in bloom, little lambs jumping around and warmer weather. It's also my Birthday month which is always rather lovely. We're currently in California, get back later this week so a little hiatus in activity on here for a few days I'm afraid. Back to normal posting next week though. And in the meantime, some of my favourite Spring photos from the past couple of years if you'd like to see... 
{Magnolia heaven}
{Blossom blue sky addict}
{Tulip festival at Stourhead}
{Purples and whites}
{Too much love, those little horns!}
{Stourhead in the Springtime}
{The bluebell woods}
{Our apple tree in blossom}
{Bahhh, I love the sound of tiny lambs in a field}
{Cherry blossom is the prettiest}
{Hawthorn lined paths with things starting to green up after winter}
{Pretty spring pickings}
{I want to steal a lamb, the cutest thing ever}
Bring on the spring sunshine for long walks in the countryside and in the not too distant future, the start of picnicking again...

R <3 xx 

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