Happy Weekend

March 27, 2015

{It's my Birthday tomorrow, the bunting is hung yay!}
Happy Weekend! It's an extra special one for me as it's my Birthday tomorrow so the weekend starts today. My parents and Ben are taking me to Petersham Nurseries for lunch today, somewhere I've wanted to eat at for ages. And then tomorrow I'm excited for a big white chocolate and raspberry cake with family and then an afternoon tea with the girls next week - dragging out the celebrations for as long as possible. Love Birthday's so much and I've felt excited all week for it. Birthdays are overrated don't you think, it should be all about the birthweek! On Sunday we're planning to go to Wisley as I have an event for SYGM just around the corner. Hope you have a good one, how was your week? Friday photos, which scream Springtime, here..

{Spring blossom is my favourite. I'm waiting for the magnolia trees to come into bloom around us}
{Had the best weekend in Cornwall with this little guy, daffodils and blue sky heaven}
{It's been a bit gloomy this week but last Friday was gorgeous enough to sit outside and work! Amen to that, I get twitchy being inside when it's sunny}
{Lamb appreciation society, these cuties were in Cornwall last week. Full blog post coming soon}
{Thatched cottage love in Poughill, Cornwall at the weekend}
{Do you love the boats or the pink house more? Bude was gorgeous}
{Home from Cornwall and straight to the florist for tulips. Pink everything right now}

{Birthday decorations are essential in my house. Then it will be time for Easter decs! Any excuse}
This week has flown by with our long weekend in Cornwall and Devon, I've had a couple of days to try and catch up on everything and now another long weekend oops! How was your week? The clocks go back on Sunday, yay for lighter evenings next week!

Have a lovely weekend and a post as requested on Galvanised tubs on Monday followed by California part two and some Easter inspiration next week.

R <3 xx

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  1. Happy Birthday, Rebecca! Enjoy every minute of your birthday week!!


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