Happy Weekend

March 20, 2015

{The first English blossom I'd seen last Saturday in Islington}
Happy Weekend! It's solar eclipse Friday too which I think starts about now but the sky is far too cloudy to see any sunshine out there at the moment {probably a good thing as I don't have the special glasses and would probably burn my eyes trying to see it haha}. This week has flown by, again. I could do with another day in every week to get more done at the moment! After last week's promise of Spring it's felt like more like Winter again with chilly grey days but I had a lovely time at The Country Living Spring Fair on Wednesday filled with all things pretty and springlike, lambs et al! And once again the house has been filled with spring bulbs, they're the best aren't they?! Weekend plans and this week's photos after the jump...

{A post on modern calligraphy will be coming to the blog soon,
I loved learning it with Quill for SYGM last weekend} 
{Always love a trip to Brighton, this was on Mother's Day with all the family last Sunday}
{Pleasing blue skies and coloured doors in Islington before the Country Living Spring Fair}
{Mary had a little lamb! It was only 2 weeks old, too cute}
{Bored of wearing jumpers in this cold weather so trying to pretty them up instead}
{A dining room Spring update, post coming next week on the blog}
{Yum, love a midweek dinner party}
What are you up to this weekend? I need to get packed today for a weekend away before I go out with the girls for birthday celebrations tonight. Then we're off to Cornwall bright and early tomorrow morning, I'm on a press trip to a hotel in Devon on Monday night for So You're Getting Married but my parents have been renting a cottage down in Cornwall this week so we're staying with them for two nights first. I'm looking forward to some nice walks along the beach! Hope the sun shines for everyone.

Have a good one! And thanks for some requests for blog posts, lots lined up over the next couple of weeks. Also there's a new category section on the top left side that you may have noticed, it should now be easier to find Travel or Interior posts for example if you want a read of one topic in particular.

R <3 xx

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  1. Lamb cuddles? Awesome. I remember doing this on my grandparent's farm when I was little. We had to catch the lambs with butterfly nets though first, to get our little cuddle! :)

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