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January 31, 2017

Wow it's been a while since I've written about my beauty favourites. {back here}. So much has changed since then so I thought I'd put down some new favourites that I'm currently using. I'm not a beauty blogger but I am a girl who loves trying out new products as well as still loving the old classics. As the years go by I find myself adding more and more into my daily routine and in the Winter I love having the dark evenings to pamper myself with new beauty balms, cleansers, masks, lotions and potions!

I'm a long-time lover of Aesop for their plant based cleansers, hand washes and moisturisers which smell and feel so good in the aesthetically pleasing bottles by the sink and over the bath. Along with these. Other new skincare favourites are the Neal's Yard Beauty Balm and LA-Eva body wash. I know that the Rose Beauty Balm has been a cult favourite for many for years but I only discovered it after having dry lips at the start of Winter and feeling like my skin could do with a boost. It's multifunctional and a great thick cleanser to use with water, or put on as a mask or simply put a thin nourishing layer on overnight as night cream. I love the smell and have never been disappointed with any Neal's Yard products, they're all are organic which I'm really trying to use more of. Bath tray purchased here.

And on the organic note, LA-EVA are a new skincare brand that's just launched with an organic, natural philosophy which I love. I'm a sucker for nice packaging, the aesthetics, and these bottles in the pink and grey almost marble looking effect on top of the amber glass work so well in our bathroom. It's like they were made for it! I've been using the rich hand lotion and washes in both Roseum and Blu for the past couple of weeks and love their depth of scent and great natural properties.

A girl can never have too many lipsticks. I'm always on the lookout for new pinks that lift my face, I tend to wear neutral shades but feel naked without some kind of colour on my lips. I saw this fun new set by Crayola for Clinique chubby sticks on Instagram and had to purchase. There are eight crayons in a range of pinks that moisturise as well as give subtle colour. I can't stand lipsticks that dry my lips out anymore and these are perfect for everyday beauty. Plus they look so pretty. I was like a kid in a sweet shop swatching them all.

My favourites so far are Melon and Wild Strawberry but Mango Tango will be great for the summer.

Sticking with beauty, even though I'm not much of a foundation fan {in the summer with a tan I don't wear anything on my skin} in the winter my skin needs a boost. I have quite red undertones on my face and want to look radiant. I discovered Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue at the end of last summer and have worn it every single day since. It's the best of all worlds with a BB, CC and tinted moisturiser all rolled into one and isn't too heavy on your skin hydrating it rather than clogging pores, and can be built up for extra coverage. I'm obsessed with it and have had some lovely compliments when wearing it. I wear it in Normal but bought the tan version to mix in for when the warmer weather comes. Alongside this BareMinerals BareSkin concealer serum is a great liquid concealer to cover any blemishes. Eye wise I'm a big Benefit fan for lashes and brows. I bought lots in America in the summer but have had to rebuy since over here as I use the Roller Lash and Gimme Brow everyday. 

I discovered Elemis in the Autumn and haven't looked back since. Everyday for the past couple of months I've been using the BIOTEC Skin Energising day and night creams and my skin has never looked or felt better. I love the dual pump system that's both anti-ageing and moisturising, my skin feels like silk each morning and evening and it's very good for sensitive skin. I'm still fairly young in terms of wrinkles but I'm a big believer in starting early to protect my skin and keep it well hydrated and full of the minerals and vitamins it needs, this also is very anti-ageing which is always a bonus. Whilst I've used the day & night creams everyday, I haven't used the cleanser that much yet. It's foaming and removes all my make-up {even waterproof mascara} really well when in the bath and I really love it but because I need to use water with it, I'm a bit naughty and tend to prefer cream/wipe based cleansers when not bathing. 

Can we talk about these Hydra-Gel Eye masks? If your eyes are feeling pretty tired {which let's face it is pretty much all the time at the moment}, these are a god-send. I feel like I've been to a spa for the day when wearing them for twenty minutes and I'm always shocked at just how much of a difference you can see under and around my eyes after wearing them. Seriously seriously I can't recommend these enough for an under eye pick me up. Bags be gone! They're clinically proven and you must try them just to see the results yourself. 

Hair wise I was a Herbal Essences fan for as long as I can remember but in the last year have switched over to L'Oreal Elvive with great results. My hair is very fine and tends to be pretty flat and can get dry on the ends. To combat this I now use the Full Restore shampoo along with the thickening Fibrology Air conditioner and I've seen such a difference. I always pick them up on sale when they're about £1.50/2 each on offer in the supermarket or Wilkos. I find that hair is just so annoying to sort out compared to skin care, is it just me? 

I discovered this French brand in France last summer after googling what were the best products to pick up in a French pharmacy. This dry shampoo has a cult following and I've never used Dry Shampoo like it. I've since found that you can buy it in the UK which is a good job as I'll never use another dry shampoo again. It soaks up any grease and looks like you've got freshly washed hair using oat milk and feels natural without that horrible smell or itchiness you normally get. It's not too white either for brunette hair.

Have I missed anything out? What are your favourite new products? I love how the beauty world is continually evolving with new things to discover but equally you can't beat the old classics. 

Favourite candles, here and here

Also can you recommend any favourite bubble baths? I always use this or this with epsom salts but could do with something new!

R <3 xx 

{I was sent some of these products to review but as always would never promote anything I didn't truly love or wouldn't buy myself. All opinions are my own}

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