Happy Weekend {Number 3, the 2017 edition}

January 20, 2017

Friyaay. How has your week been? After last week's bit of a blah start to January this week has been SO much better. I think the bright sunny frosty days, started with the prettiest pink skies have helped along with just feeling like I'm much more on top of everything this week. There's always work to be done of course, emails and blogging never stop but we've ticked a fair few kitchen decisions off of my list which has made me feel a lot better. I was starting to get decision fatigued feeling like we'd never get anything organised for it. I feel like once you decide on one thing it starts to guide everything else along. Oh and I also reached 50k followers on Instagram this week!! 

As a side note to some of your insanely lovely comments on that post, I'm quite aware that a lot of this blog content tends to be on trivial topics in a sense, the pretty parts of life and very first-world in tone. It's not solving any world problems or going into hard-hitting political news talking about kitchens or spring flowers. But so many of you gave me feedback this week on how you like my positivity so I'm grateful for that, there's a lot of terrible stuff in the world so if reading this blog gives you a tiny bit of inspiration on a grey day or a break from our mad world then I'm pleased. I always started this to look back on so I'm so glad so many of you are along for the journey with me. 

So waffle over, a look back at the last week in a bit of an extended form below;

L A S T  F R I D A Y 

A dinner at Ask with the girls for Steph's Birthday. I haven't been to Ask for years and was amazed by the yummy, and crazy reasonable food. We had a discount code so it was £12 for lobster and prawn pasta followed by *that* chocolate melting ice cream bombe. A fun evening <3

S A T U R D A Y 

Saturday is our main day for a lay in. I say this but we're normally always up and out the house by 9am but for us, waking up around 7.30 and staying in bed for breakfast is a treat. We've been loving Jamie's superfood chocolate porridge recently with coconut yogurt and berries {we make the dry mix in batches then it's ready to go for a quick breakfast}.  

We drove into Hampstead for a walk around the farmers market, across the heath, a wander around the shops and then burritos at Wahaca. It was seriously freezing but good to see pretty spring blooms and winter flowering blossom against the dreamy properties. We made soup for dinner in our new soup maker, it does everything for you and just takes 20 minutes. Talk about a rock n roll Saturday night but we did have a new episode of the Shooter, soo good. 


Sunday just rained and rained. We'd seen it was forecast so planned a day at home. Went for a run, got soaked, went for breakfast, got soaked then stayed by the fire. We were planning out more of the kitchen, pouring over F&B colour samples and looking up flooring and suppliers online. Read the papers from cover to cover and then went to my parents for dinner. I cooked the sausage pasta from Jamie's superfood book {second time in the weekend} and then made these mug crumbles. Dishevelled puppy photo obligatory. 


Monday tends to be a day for an early run, chores and lots of work. We've been getting a hello fresh delivery for the past couple of weeks but I've still had to go to the supermarket for breakfast/lunch bits so whilst out I popped into Homebase to pick up more F&B tester pots for the kitchen cupboards. Then it was a quick tidy up and onto my laptop. The evening was brightened by a new series of Homeland {airing in the US a week ahead of the UK}, my fav tv show EVER. 


We'd hoped that this week would be warmer for the builders to get on with our blockwork but nope, below 4 degrees every single day sobs. We knew that building in the winter would have a few weather delays but it can feel frustrating. On Tuesday morning I went for a walk with my Mum and the pup before pilates and an afternoon working from home. Also nipped out with Ben to look at flooring and kitchen worktops. Think we're sorted on the flooring now hooray and picked up a few samples for quartz worktops but haven't found the exact one I'm looking for just yet. It was freezing so had a bath and got into bed earlyyy zzzz. 


The sunrise sky on Wednesday was crazy beautiful, all pink and frosty. Went for an early run, had reformer pilates and then cracked on with some work before meeting friends for lunch in the village as a little laptop break. Celebrated 50k followers on Instagram then bit more laptop, a walk in the gorgeous evening sun with Ben. Ben cooked me dinner and we watched the latest This is Us episode by the fire. SO obsessed with that show, it's truly gorgeous and feels like a rom-com serialised? I also want to cry each time. LOVE. Do you watch it??


Thursday really felt like Friday for some reason. After an early spin class which I regretted booking when my alarm went off at 5.30 {!!} I met Ben's Mum for a walk in the sunshine and a coffee and croissant catch up. Then Ben and I went to look at some doors for the kitchen, trying to decide between bi-folds and sliding but that's for another post. There are so many decisions to make which feel like they have a lot riding on them, we'll be in this house for a long time and with children eventually so we want it all to be right. The kitchen will also be our dining room and living area which I imagine we'll spend nearly all of our time in so it feels like it's worth taking a bit of extra time now to view as many options as we can I think. I worked in the sunshine in the afternoon, I love the light in this room. 

F R I D A Y/ today..

We're taking Ben's Grandma for lunch today, as a belated Christmas present. It's also one of my fav restaurants so it should be a nice Friday. The sun is shining again and it's such a beautiful day. We're being spoilt with this weather.

Do you have fun weekend plans? Tomorrow we'll probably go out for breakfast and to pick up some weekend treats after a lay in I hope, might go and look at some kitchen taps and then I'm seeing the girls in the evening. On Sunday my Brother is home from uni so we'll have a family dinner and hopefully just relax.

Have a lovely one, back soon

R <3 xx 

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  1. love love your blog always brighten my day. Friday is best one , where is your beautiful heart necklace from x

    1. Thank you Kimberley! I got it as a Christmas present from my Brother, I think it was Estella Bartlett though x

    2. Thank you for replying to me x


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