Happy Weekend {Number 2, the 2017 edition}

January 13, 2017

{Spring blooms to brighten January}

Hello! I'm back to these Friday round up posts after a bit of a break. I realised that I still really like these posts even if their only purpose is for me to look back at some of the photos from each week once in a while. They're a bit rambling but it's quite cathartic to write them especially on a Friday when I'm winding down ready for the weekend. It's a chance to chat about random thoughts from the week, my latest favourite TV shows, house news etc. So, back to this week. For me it's been my first week of January and boy has it felt very January like indeed. After such a wonderful Christmas break and week away in Cornwall last week, getting back to normal and work has been long overdue but not alll that much fun.. 

{tidying my desk before the serious work can begin..}
Predominantly this week has been spent tackling my longgg list of emails, work tasks, more emails and er more work that meant sticking pretty close to my laptop for most of it. Along with getting the house sorted out and back to a proper exercise routine {and er, health}. I've still got more to do next week until I'll feel properly on top of things again but it's a start. And the one benefit of these cold, dreadfully dull dark January days mean that there are no distractions, or really options, other than staying home on the sofa with my Macbook. I'm trying to see the positives in January but it really is my least favourite month so at least we've all made it very nearly halfway now and I'm dreaming of warmer longer days.

{Spent most of the week on the sofa under my laptop, fire compulsory}
{and cosy blankets}
There were a few pockets of excitement, on Wednesday night I headed to the Savoy for a wedding work thing and got to photograph the prettiest of bridal gowns. I often say this but it really made me want to get married again just to have that choice again! {to the same guy alas}. And last night I was meant to be at the Smith Hotel awards but the snow thwarted my plans, we'd had weather warnings out all week for last night but I thought the weathermen might be overreacting. But come 4pm it was coming down thick and fast and our road was covered. Today it's turned more icy but it's still pretty, and exciting, to see some of the white stuff.

{Berta Bridal. Insane}
Building wise this weather is really not great for progress, it needs to be above 5 degrees for the builders to concrete the floor in the extension and build the blocks up. We've also had a few days delay with building control wanting to underpin parts of the house and use a beam and block for foundations under one section of it which has now all be done but it's added a few days where it felt like we were going backwards a bit. I'm hoping next week will be warmer and as it feels like it's taking forever, I'm desperate for our new kitchen already! Inside we've had the spare room decorated, it's getting there but still a lot of woodwork to do and we're having the floors sanded in there so we can't have wet paint when there's dust from the floors around. As much as I love having the builders around because it means things are getting done, it's been heaven today to have quiet today without site radios blaring or banging on the ceiling.. Watch this space, we've still got a little way to go! 

{Spare room progress}

{Before the snow..}

{Snow stops play but yay for all the foundations being finished now. No more last minute unplanned requests please building control..}

{Snow and the current state of the back of our house}
{Have I posted our new summerhouse on here yet? Can't wait to paint and pretty her up!}

{Snowy garden roses}
{this morning's snow storm}

{St Albans}
{Friday spent here. Cosy}

Today is Friday and it's been a good day. Ben's been off as we were meant to be going to an appointment which got cancelled with the snow so we treated it as a mini snow day. Work can wait until Monday so we took the dog for a bitterly cold snowy walk then got caught in a blizzard running errands. Came back home where we've spent it since with soup, chocolate {detox doesn't count on a Friday} and a fire. I'm looking forward to this weekend after the dull-ish week, starting with dinner with my girls for a Birthday tonight.

Hope you keep warm {and dry, Sunday looks like a wash out} and enjoy your weekend! Back with the rest of our photos from Cornwall next week. As ever, any blog requests let me know. I can't wait to have more progress on the house to update you on our interior plans.

R <3 xx

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  1. A blog post about list building consent woukd be AMAZING! We are grade two and I don't know where to start...if you have to submit plans first or if you can have a conversation about what they think first. Have a lovely weekend x


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