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August 29, 2018

Sleep cures all, right?!  

Feel like you're coming down with something? Sleep! Feeling anxious or sad about something? Sleep and it almost always feels better in the morning. I definitely don't feel myself unless I've had at least 7 hours sleep a night and it's been proven just how important sleep is for our health and immune system. Whilst on the whole I'm a really good sleeper, I've learnt a few things over the years that definitely help my body prepare for a good night's sleep and who better to talk about sleep with than The White Company? They've always been the authority on bedding, candles and nightwear that make your bedroom feel like a spa for me. This month they've also just released a new dedicated sleep range which as you'd expect, is pure heaven and perfect for these darker nights.

First up, bedding. I'm a big believer of keeping your bedroom as calm as possible to encourage better sleeping habits. Just this summer we've finished our new master bedroom where we invested in a super-king sized bed and new mattress which has made a huge difference to our sleep, even after sleeping in there for a couple of months now it feels huge to me still! I'm a lover of whites and greys for a bedroom and have had this Avignon bedding collection from The White Company for a while now and it's still my favourite with a pom pom trim, so soft to touch and washes beautifully. I just added the super-king Avignon pillows to our bed which look so much better on the bigger size filling the space now.

To snuggle up and layer for Winter there's this cashmere throw for chillier nights. {we like to sleep in a cold bedroom and feel warm under a duvet/throw rather than be too hot, I honestly think this makes you sleep so much better too}. 

You should make your bedroom feel, and smell like a spa. By creating a wind-down routine, after a few days/weeks your body will instantly know that it's time to switch off and get ready to sleep even after the most stressful days. Even my Husband adores the scent of this new Sleep diffuser, which we've had in our room for a couple of weeks now. Naturally infused with six of the most soothing essential oils, it's fresh enough for the day, yet super calming at night and sits on my bedside. It includes lavender but isn't too old lady lavender. I already know that we'll be restocking this as soon as it runs out. This tray set is so handy & makes everything feel that bit more special and neat, I've got one next to the bed and one on the stool in our bathroom.

There's also the new Sleep candle which you could light when you're snuggled up under the covers reading or when having a bath. Now that the nights are really drawing in, I'm loving going to bed a bit earlier again and catching up on reading, or a TV show before we fall asleep. I know some people are anti gadgets/blue light in their bedrooms but I always find TV helps me switch off from thinking about other things? 

I really love the soft glow that this new mercury tea light holder gives. And it's pretty sitting on a bedside, likewise this smoke grey vase is perfect for holding a single rose stem or a small display of blooms to sit next to your bed. This week I've got some eucalyptus and snowberries.

I like to leave slippers next to the bed to make it feel like I'm in a luxury hotel, and they've been to turn down my bed.

With our new loft bathroom, it's been really heavenly so far to pad up the stairs in our bedroom to run a bath and then come back down into a cosy bedroom with the lights dimmed ready for sleep.

I always sleep better after a hot bath and so I was pleased to see that the new Sleep range has a bath soak to help you relax before bed. 
Pom pom slippers online here.

It definitely worked, we both slept like babies {although do babies really sleep that well?!} and woke up super refreshed the next morning. And nothing starts the day better than feeling energised. 

We tend to get into bed by 9.30pm {is that really early?!} and fall asleep by 10, 10.30 feels late for us! But then I think that's because we're up by 6.30am, or as early as 5.30am on a couple of mornings each week. A lay in to me would be 7.30am! I've just always been a real morning person and really don't do well with late nights. How many hours do you get a night? I'm guessing if you've got young babies or children it would be vastly different?

Sweet dreams!

R <3 xx 

{This post is part of a paid campaign with The White Company but as always, all opinions are my own and I'd never share any brands that I didn't truly love}

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