Summer // A late summer photo catch up

August 28, 2018

Wait, it's September in just a few days! How did that happen? The heatwave and the World Cup feels long gone, the nights are drawing in and I've suddenly realised that I have a huge backlog of photos from the last couple of months {!} that I haven't posted. I'd got out of the habit of posting a weekly round up this summer so instead have decided to have one big photo post on here of photos as I clear my phone. I guess you guys know by now how this blog has always been partly for me to look back upon and these are the photos, and days I want to remember and reference easily! Allll the photos below, you've probably seen most of them on Instagram stories so feel free to skip! test

// Frozen Watermelon 

// London

// Wahaca date with the girls in Kentish Town

// Garden blooms

// This pup

// Hot dog walks

// A visit to the Sunflower Fields

// Fire Pit S'mores Night

This little koala's first s'mores!

// Columbia Road Flower Market

// Garden roses

// Meeting my brother in London for dinner one evening.

My brothers

// Pink sunset field walks

// Summer days in the garden

// Blackberry & raspberry picking almost every day.

// August.

// One last summer's day at Farmhouse with Ben

// Allotment flowers

// Wearing summer dresses, and no worries about coats!

// A cake for my Grandma's Birthday

// Pizza dinner with the girls

// Lots of coffee & breakfast dates with these two <3

// Sunkissed. I miss that tan already.

// Rainbow colours, BBQ prep

Hydrangea season came back!

// BBQ

// Garden breakfast date

My friend's baby, the cutest!

// Evening walks

// Another S'mores night

// Notting Hill, a dinner date and hot summer wander.

Cheeseburger date

// Pretty meadows

// Thinking of ways to use up our huge courgette glut, lemon & elderflower cake.

// Cafe au Lait dahlia love

// Wandering around Hampstead on a dinner date & discovering THE BEST pizza ever at L'Antica

Gelato from Venchi

// A rare rainy evening in

// Farmhouse date with the girls

Where Amy rowed us across the lake and we all died with laughter

// Caddied for my Brother at the golf course one evening

// picked a lot more allotment produce

// End of summer

// A pizza date at Mum & Dad's to celebrate their anniversary, and this pup!

// Garden centre shopping

// And a dinner date catching up with these guys

Oh, summer. I'm missing those days already. The season is definitely shifting and whilst there are some things I'm looking forward to as Autumn approaches, I'm so ready for some more sun in Italy next week to round off this little chapter and one last week of summer dresses before jumper season kicks in.

R <3 xx

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