Day Out - Pretty Primrose Hill

June 08, 2015

Last weekend Ben and I fancied a little trip into London. Hampstead or Richmond are our usual kind of day trips but we hadn't been to Primrose Hill for ages, and it meant we could walk to Wahaca. I wouldn't change where we live now but there are things we miss about living in London - regular visits to Wahaca is one of them. Primrose Hill was always one of our favourite weekend walks when we had a flat in Maida Vale, and it was a regular running route so going back always has nice memories. Also at the weekend you can park for free which is always a bonus and if you're up for a bit of a walk, wander down through Primrose Hill Park {with one of the best views over the city} which takes you to Regents Park and then down Great Portland Street to Oxford Street and beyond. We fuelled up on burritos before walking up the other side of the park and through St John's Wood to get back to the car. However, don't as I did, rely on there still being a Snog frozen yogurt shop in SJW as it's closed down. And I only found out after we'd walked all the way there *cries*. But, there is a Gelato Mio which is almost as good. A few photos from our wanderings below, I love love love the houses of Primrose Hill - painted in pretty pastels and rambling roses climbing up them. A lovely little summer's day out. I've written about Primrose Hill in the autumn before too, which you can read here.

The village - such a cute part of London that feels more like a village than part of the city. Shops, cafes and restaurants. Make sure you visit Graham and Green, one of my favourites.

The houses, swooooon.

The view. Best in London I'd say.

Lunch at Wahaca, an old favourite with some new additions to the menu.

Regents Park - we'd forgotten just how nice it is. Deckchair stop compulsory.

London + the summer = Happy days.

Have you been? Where else should we visit??

R <3 xx 

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  1. I used to live just over the bridge in Chalk Farm. Tri yoga and Manna were firm favourites. I love where we live now (Suffolk) but I do miss London sometimes!


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