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June 10, 2015

I haven't featured a restaurant on here in a while so let's talk about Barbecoa. It certainly deserves a mention. We went for my brother's birthday last May, he's a big meat fan so my Mum and I thought it would be perfect for him. Fine dining in a sense, it's created by Jamie Oliver and an American barbecue maestro Adam Perry Lang -  but for those who like their BBQed meat {and who doesn't?} The view isn't bad either - it's amazing - looking straight over the dome of St Paul's. 
I liked the open kitchen and the butchers attached. The food was really really good too, overall a real winner that I think we'll go back to.

It was a beautiful summer's day when we went for dinner last year, we parked just South of the river and walked along the south bank for a bit before a pre dinner wander around sunny St Pauls. Barbecoa is in New Change - that weird shopping centre they built. Probably the only good thing about it is Barbecoa. I've been a couple of times now and it seems soulless. Maybe it's just aimed at the City workers and would be better in the week?

There are great views over St Pauls Cathedral from it though and a champagne bar at the top of New Change.

My brother had turned 18 so it was his first legal pint of beer with my Dad! Can't seem to find any photos of my Mum from it though :(

We had a table overlooking St Pauls directly, next time I want to go back at night to see it all lit up.

You have to try the ribs for a starter, so scrummy and addictive, melt in the mouth meat with an amazing spicy barbecue sauce. For mains most people had steak - being specialists in meat there are lots of choices of cuts to choose from, I went for pork which I remember being delicious. The puddings were equally as amazing. 

A summery vanilla pannacotta with champagne strawberries.

And a scrummy lemon meringue pie.

The only downside is that it's fairly pricey but worth it in my opinion for a special dinner.

London was sparkling in the sunshine that day and we walked back across the river as the sun was setting and then drove back home wetting ourselves laughing at god know's what, taking selfies of us all and watching a bright orange ball of a sunset. Too, too much love for my family <3 <3 <3.

You can find out more on their website here.

R <3 xx

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