Midsummer S'mores Making...

June 17, 2015

Last summer, Ben and I bought a chimneia for the patio to light on balmy evenings sat outside. It's meant to keep you warm, which it does, but an added bonus is for toasting marshmallows in it and making s'mores! {I'm guessing that most people are familiar with s'mores? An American campfire invention of toasted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate and biscuits, they're so yummy that you'll want 'smore'} They will always remind me of California and fire pits on the beach as the sun sets and while you can't buy graham crackers that easily over here, British digestives come as a close second! Making them in the garden after a bbq is fun with friends - I did a whole s'mores night for girlfriends last year - or equally a yummy pud for just Ben and I.

You will need:
- graham crackers if you can get hold of them, when I posted this on Instagram last summer some people said that Tesco sell them. If not then just use digestives {chocolate ones are yummy too} or rich tea biscuits like we did.
- marshmallows, I like a mix of pink and white.
- chocolate, broken into pieces. Hershey's is traditionally used in America as it's thin enough to melt quickly but it tastes pretty gross so maybe find a thin UK bar?
- wooden skewers or marshmallow toasting forks.
- a fire of some kind, BBQ flames, firepit, chimneia.

The only technical part is toasting your marshmallow, you want it to be gooey and melted without burning so holding it just outside the flame tends to be best. 

Once toasted, sandwich between biscuits and chocolate. Then eat, I don't think that there's a non messy way to eat them.. 

Yumm! I hope we have some more warm evenings soon to make some more this summer. 

The jars were all leftover from our wedding last year {I made them by sticking off cuts of lace around glass jars and then tying brown string around the middle} and look pretty with tea lights lit as it gets dark.

Yay for summer nights.

R <3 xx

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  1. they look lovely!!! i just hate the smell the chiminea leaves on your clothes!

  2. Yum! I think I'm going to do a little smores bar at our wedding, as we're having a chimneia to keep guests warm if they want to venture out of the marquee.


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