Makeover - Upcycling Diptyque Jars {Part 1}

June 01, 2015

If you've been reading this blog or following me on Instagram for a while now, you may know how I have a little thing with up-cycling things {whether it's crates as side tables or mounted on the wall, galvanised tubs for flowers, scaffold boards as shelvestables and jewellery hooks or little jam jars or old marmalade jars for flower posies}, I hate seeing good things go to waste when they could be reused in a new, unique way. I also have a love for scented candles - Diptyque in particular. So, when I finish burning a candle, it seems a shame not to use the glass jar for other things. Hence some inspiration for their reuse. First up is a little how to guide and using them as bathroom storage jars. And later this afternoon, for flowers.

Of course, you can use any candle it doesn't have to be Diptyque. I just find their scent superior to any other candles {yes, even Jo Malone!} and the labels are a Parisian classic. And equally, any type of jar would work {think Bonne Mamam or Wilkin and Son's jam jars} but they're easy to clean and get the jam out. Candles, with the wax and wick can be a little trickier.

- I've found though that it's easiest if you burn them all the way to the end {and tricks to keep them burning well throughout their life are to trim the wick each time you use it and the very first time you burn a candle you should only blow it out when there is a completely melted layer of wax otherwise you it may burn unevenly to one side.}
-Once your candle is almost burned out, blow out the flame and tip the liquid wax into a crisp packet or something that will go in the bin without melting dangerously. You could pour it down the sink but when it solidifies it could block up your drains.
- Then use a knife or skewer to get the wick out from the bottom and then scrape away any excess wax.
- Wash the inside of the jar out with warm water then dry and rub any soot away with a cloth or kitchen roll. Be careful not to get water on the label or it could peel off.

Once you have clean jars the options for their use are endless. In the bathroom though I particularly like using them for:

Cotton wool and Q-tip cotton buds jars. I use both daily for tidying up make up and cotton wool for taking off make up or nail varnish.

Make up brush holders to grab easily rather than rummaging around in my drawer and various make up bags.

In the end though I've settled for a mix of Q-tips and brushes in one jar that now sits by the bathroom sink.

You can see more of our bathroom here. And a big beauty post here.

Next up, Diptyque flower jars.

R <3 xx

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  1. Great post--not sure if you've tried this, but I have a tip. When the candle gets low or burns itself out, don't pour out the wax. Let it harden back up, then put the whole thing in the freezer. The cold air will cause the wax to shrink away from the glass. Once it's frozen, take it out and give it a good whack upside down on the counter and the wax should just fall out. Simply clean the glass with hot water and soap. Save the wax bits and when you have a handful of them, re-melt to make a new candle. Diptyque are too expensive to just toss away!


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