Makeover - Scaffold Board Jewellery Hooks

April 13, 2015

This blog might as well be called 101 ways to transform a scaffold board as we've used them so much in our house. Here's #99 - use as a decorative and useful jewellery display. {You can find other posts on scaffold board shelves and tables here and here}. Scaffold board wood is cheap and characterful and doesn't take much work to be give it a new use. We picked up a load from a local wood recycling yard but I've seen some in skips before or you can buy on eBay or even talk to local builders to see if they can get hold of any for you. Ben came up with this idea to use an old scaffold board and fit hooks on to it to hold all my ever growing collection of necklaces and it's now one of my favourite features in our bedroom.

Previously my necklaces had been all tangled up in a drawer and I'd tried a couple of those jewellery hand type things but they kept toppling over. Hanging everything on hooks means I can see my necklaces properly and it makes for a nice display. I painted this board {with some leftover satinwood paint I had from painting the chest of drawers and our bathroom} as we don't have any wood on display in our bedroom so didn't want it to stand out too much but you could leave the boards as natural wood and just sand them back and varnish them {as we've done for the table and shelves.

I particularly like the metal band which we've left on as a feature.

After making our tables and shelves we had a few planks that were spare, you can cut them down to whatever size you like. It's old wood so you can just slap the paint on and leave to dry and then do another coat, the wood can be quite rough so you might want to use a thick brush and just put the paint on the best you can. Go for the rustic look and you don't have to waste time being neat ;) Although with hindsight I should have removed the metal band before painting and then put it back on. It's high up in our bedroom though so you don't see my sloppy painting.

We bought a mixture of hooks to screw on the board, some from Laura Ashley, some from Homebase and the heart in the middle which is my favourite was from Selfridges.

Arrange the hooks where you want them on the board, taking into account that different necklaces will be different lengths so don't place them too close together if you have a lot of long jewellery. Mark where you want them with a pencil.

To fit the board onto the wall, Ben drilled screws through the wall before the decorative hooks went on to hide the screws and holes. Then fit your hooks.

Then it's ready to hang your jewellery. The fun part!

I love an easy project that's cheap, looks good and is practical! It's a winner all round.

More photos of our bedroom and the whole of it's makeover here.

As always, any questions please feel free to ask.

R <3 xx

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  1. Rustic and beautiful! Your hubby is so talented. And your collection of "jewels" is pretty outstanding too! :)


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