Happy Weekend...

April 17, 2015

{Our first picnic of the year!}
Happy Friday all! How amazing has the weather been this week? Really felt like summer with 25 degrees and sunshine for a few days. When you can smell sun cream before a day out in England you know you're in for a treat. I've realised recently how much of a summer over winter girl I am, give me sunshine, sunglasses and saltwater sandals any day over cold grey days! We've finally made it though and I really hope this weather is to stay {until October preferably!}. I've been off again which has been rather lovely especially for a day out at Kew Gardens and an overnight stay in Richmond. Honestly felt like we were abroad somewhere walking along the river in just a dress at half past eight in the evening. Happy days indeed. Blog posts to come on that soon. Hope you've had a good week. Some of the photo highlights and weekend plans after the jump..

{I love forget me not's, they're everywhere right now}
{Saltwater sandal season is back! Plus more magnolia heaven before the leaves started coming}
{On a sunny day there's not many places I'd rather be than my parents hanging out in the garden with my favourite pup}
{Doors and windows open kind of weather}
{Spring garden update, everything grows so fast at the moment}
{Tulip perfection at Kew Gardens}
{Almost too hot in the sunshine! How many times can you say that about England? We picnicked surrounded by blossom}
{Favourite perfume for these sunny days}
{I do love boats and Richmond by the river on a hot day. Felt more like July than April}
{I wanted to live in all the houses in Richmond. So cute, and the first Wisteria spot of the year}
{An exciting photoshoot - Rock my Style featuring our house as a house tour}
What have you got planned for this weekend? Today I've got to take Ben back to the hospital to get him signed off and need to get some work done before a chilled out weekend I hope. Also some blogging is in order for next week, this sunshine really does distract me! But we're also planning a walk around the Tring reservoirs as it's meant to be nice weather, a wander around the local farmers market on Saturday and a BBQ at my parents before my brother goes back to uni. Maybe some time at the allotment too, almost time to plant out some of the seeds I've grown ready for pretty flowers.

Have a sunny one,

R <3 xx

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  1. I hope your weekend was a sunny one! Did you get to the allotment? I bet you were itching to play in the dirt! xoxo, B

  2. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I've been admiring the Saltwater sandals on the Toast website for a while now, I love the tan ones. How do you find the fit of yours? Would you recommend I purchased my regular size or to size up in these?

    1. I got my regular size, I'd say if anything the leather stretches over time and moulds to your foot. Or order two pairs and send one back. I got mine from Toast last year xx


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