Happy Weekend...

April 10, 2015

{Magnolia obsessed. Literally obsessed}
Phwoar this weather has been rather lovely all week, 5 days of warm {actual shorts/skirt warm!} sunshine makes me a very happy bunny. This is actually the first time I've switched my laptop on for a whole week, the Easter long weekend was a nice time to switch off and spend with family and friends. And most of my friends are teachers/in education so the Easter holidays is a good chance to catch up with everyone - I've been out for a few nice dog walks and had a big afternoon tea in the sunshine. Consequently, while I've been having a nice week off in the garden/spending as much time outdoors/taking a million photos of blossom against the blue sky as I can, the blog has been slightly neglected this week. But there's some exciting things coming up over the next few weeks and of course you can always find me on Instagram {with a new name, @rvk_loves} What are your plans for this weekend?
{Spring stripes and a new necklace on Easter Sunday}

{Misty pretty sunrises this week which make me love running even more}
{A belated Birthday afternoon tea and big catch up with friends in the garden on Tuesday}
{Property porn + magnolia love wandering around Hampstead on Easter Monday}
{Ben challenges me not to walk past a blossom tree without taking a photo. Safe to say I never succeed}
{We've been out in the garden later and later every evening this week with the warm, lighter evenings}
{Love Kenwood House in the Springtime, blog post on Hampstead up next week} 
{Stocks and sunshine brightening up the kitchen}
Today is meant to be the hottest day of the year so far and will get above 20 degrees! Happy days. I'll be spending some of the morning at the hospital as Ben had to have an operation this week but we should be home mid morning and then alll afternoon will be spent in the garden I think! Tonight I'm out with the girls for dinner at a pub in a cute village nearby, hoping we can sit outside it should be warm enough at least! Tomorrow morning I've got an event for SYGM in London and apart from that we'll just see how Ben feels as to what we get up to. Enjoy your weekend with whatever you've got planned.

Any requests for the blog by the way? They're always welcome.

R <3 xx 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week! I hope Bens doing ok?
    As always my request is a foodie/healthy eating one! :) x

    1. Ok I promise to write a post next week!! Sorry I have been meaning to it's just I need to go back through loads of photos to find the food ones haha. But I promise it's coming! Enjoy the Cotswolds xx

  2. Blogging can wait if the weather is nice! Did it make it to 20 degrees? We are hoping for 16 degrees on Sunday. I hope it gets there so that we can take our new dog on his first family hike. Much love, B.

    1. It did make it to 20 degrees, this week looks even warmer. Unseasonal for April but I'm not complaining! Enjoy your first proper dog walk, he's a cutie xx


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