Happy Weekend

April 24, 2015

{Out of all the blossom. I think frilly pink pom pom Cherry Blossom is the prettiest of them all}
Friyay after another week of hot sunny days. England has spoilt us, for a while I thought it would be shorts and summer dresses weather right through until Autumn. Not so, the forecast has other plans and I've got a feeling that the rain and colder weather next week will have me hunting for my jeans and jumpers again :(. But I've certainly made the most of it this week so can't complain. The deck chair has made it out of the shed for some sunbathing {ahem, work, honest}, the tulips are out in the garden, I've had a few trips to garden centres buying up lots of pretty summer bedding plants {that are staying in the greenhouse until the frost risks have passed}, a picnic dinner on that glorious Tuesday evening with Ben followed by ice creams sitting on the green, a long dogwalk through the fields of gold and a date night in Berkhamsted and evening in the Bluebell woods. Not bad going for April! Have you had a good week? Some photo highlights and weekend plans..

{I've started a garden hashtag on Instagram #rvkgardenlove so I can look back through the seasons easily}
{Silver lining of a naughty squirrel knocking some of my tulips down in the garden is a pretty dressing table}
{Beautiful sunrises and sunsets this week with the clear skies.
This was an after BBQ evening walk with my favourite people}
{The prettiest 'weeds' around. Forget me not's}
{Deck chair love}
{I packed up our dinner and met Ben for a picnic on Tuesday evening and we sat watching the cricket. Happy days} 
{Fields of gold. The oilseed rape looks beautiful against blue skies} 
{Country walks are my favourite. This was with my Mumma on Monday morning}
{Sunshine and fresh flowers in the house}
{Garden centre purchases. Desperate to plant everything up but the frost next week is holding me back} 
{Magical bluebell woods last night. More photos coming soon}
 Have you got anything exciting planned for this weekend? We're going out with some old friends this evening, I don't think we've seen them properly since the wedding so looking forward to a catch up. Then we need to go shopping for some holiday bits, suncream, new clothes for Ben and the like since our Mauritius trip is coming round fast! I've got some rhubarb I want to bake a cake with, feels like ages since I've baked a cake. Other than that just see what the weather is like and chill out I think {our May is ridiculously busy so this may be our last quiet weekend in a while} before dinner at Mum and Dad's on Sunday.

Happy Weekend, have a lovely one. Lots to come on the blog over the next couple of weeks. But as always, let me know if you want anything in particular. Somebody asked for a holiday packing list, would that be useful?

R <3 xx

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca! Enjoy that gorgeous garden of yours!


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