Makeover - Crate Wedding Photo Wall

September 29, 2014

When doing up our house and planning our extension, I had purposefully left a wall spare to display our wedding photos after we got married. I hadn't decided how I was going to do it to start with, waiting to get all our photos back from Binky our photographer. But as soon as we received them, I couldn't wait to choose some to put up on display.
I can't believe how bare the wall looked now I look back at these photos, it's amazing how quickly you adapt to new changes in your house like they've always been there. It took us ages to narrow down photos to frame, I loved them all and can't wait to share more from our wedding on the blog soon. We started by choosing our favourites and putting them into different folders for portrait and landscape. I also had map hearts for the display that Ben got me as a wedding present, there is a heart shaped map from where we got engaged, where we got married and where we went for our honeymoon.

I found a set of frames from John Lewis for a montage on the wall, with various sizes and orientations and ordered them with some vouchers we got for the wedding. I always find with montages it's best to arrange them on the floor in front of the wall first to work out the best design for your space before you start drilling in to the wall. You can measure out the space between them and mark it out with pencil first.

I was all set for making a montage but then I suddenly thought it looked a bit boring and we already have a similar display in our hallway of old family wedding photos {to be shown at a later date}. Ben had the drill ready to go but a flash of inspiration hit me and I went to the shed to see what our old apple crates would look like mounted on the wall. I already have a bit of a wooden crate obsession, with a whole wall in the dining room and 2 stacked together for a side table. I always buy crates if they're a good price at antique markets or junk shops, we've got some from Sunbury antiques market {blog post on that due soon} and a scrap yard we drove past in Norfolk once but you can never have too many crates in my opinion. We rearranged the frames in the crates to see what would look best. 

Ben screwed them on to the wall with the screws hidden behind the pictures. Then we rested the frames on the bottom of the crates and used screws for the ones higher up to sit on. 

I printed out our chosen wedding photos, some frames were bigger than others so we chose our favourites for the bigger sizes. The crates fitted perfectly on the wall, it's quite a big space to fill and it needed something like the dark crates to give it some interest compared to hanging the pictures on their own. The wood also goes with our curtain pole and chair that sits in the corner. I'll do a blog post about all of our extension in a couple of weeks.

I had bought these glass frames about a year ago now, again before we got married but I fell in love with them and knew we'd have some keepsake bits to display that would be perfect for these frames. I love the style of them and the different coloured ribbons which are recycled sari's from India, Nkuku have some really nice products.

I framed our order of service, a polaroid of us in front of our LOVE light up letters and our Bride and Groom place names from the day. We used an old typewriter as our guest book for guests to type us messages on brown paper, we had some really funny and lovely messages so it was hard to choose a few to display. I also put in a few pressed flowers leftover from displays on the day and a heart luggage tag used on our invites. I blue-tacked the bits down to the back of the frame so they wouldn't move when hung up. 

We hung the glass frames around the crates to finish the display off. There are a few more photos below if you'd like to see. 

 And finally, an updated photo with my new cushions for autumn/winter.

R <3 xx

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  1. There were so many little things that our event planner and her assistants did on the day-of that I would never have thought of (and I'm sure my bridesmaids were glad I didn't have to delegate those tasks to them either!)


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