Makeover - Our Bedroom Transformation

September 15, 2014

Our bedroom, similar to the lounge, didn't need any major renovations but has benefitted from restyling and designing and making built in wardrobes to hold my ever growing collection of floral tops and dresses. Again, like the lounge, we couldn't wait to rip up the red carpets and get painting over the yellow walls.

Before Photos:

During Photos:
For some reason I haven't got many during photos, but essentially we repainted using Homebase Sanctuary Paint in Cosy, my favourite tried and tested cream. The room is a good size but I've got a lot of clothes, shoes and bags which needed to be housed so we needed to think about storage. We got the chest of drawers below on eBay, I liked the size and shape of it {it's a fluted shape at the bottom}. It was a horrible pine colour so I painted it using leftover satinwood paint from our bathroom and use it as a dressing table and for storage.

We liked the idea of having a fireplace on the chimney breast. Ben sourced a cast iron fire from eBay which had a shield design on it, he then spent a couple of hours grinding it down into a heart shape. My mind was blown! Such a clever idea and I'm obsessed with hearts so I really love it. He then sprayed the fire black and fitted it on the wall. It adds an extra bit of interest to the room and goes back to the Victorian age of the house.

We had a Divan bed delivered which has drawers underneath for handy extra storage. 

After Photos:

Ben made and built these wardrobes using the original 6 panel doors from the house. They were in every room of the house when we bought them and were covered in thick layers of paint, we wanted to have them stripped back to the natural wood but then found a set of four panel doors on eBay {our whole house is from eBay have you gathered by now?} and won the auction for a bargain price, it was a lot cheaper than paying for each door to be stripped. So the old doors went to good use in making wardrobes. Ben used plasterboard to give the appearance of them being built in. He built a stud work frame and fitted door linings, adjusted the doors as necessary and then put up rails inside for hanging all my clothes. You may think the above looks like a lot of storage, and it is, but I have a lot, a lot of clothes and accessories so Ben doesn't have any of this space!! His clothes are all banished to the spare room haha. 

Our bedside tables are just from the Ikea Hemnes range but I jazzed them up with crystal pumpkin door knobs instead of the plain black ones they come with. 

We only recently bought a Feather and Black Manhattan Headboard but can't believe we ever lived without it now, it finishes the room off and gives a bit more colour and texture to plain cream walls and it's much nicer to sit back in bed and not have our heads on the wall. Our lamps are from Dunelm, I like the pretty mercurised silver base on them and the lampshades go with our muted taupe/champagne colour scheme.

Our pillow cases are from Cox and Cox but I just checked and they don't stock them anymore, they are made by Violette though and can be found on their website here. I added a Mohair throw to the bed to break up the cream bedding.

The map hearts print above the fireplace was a Christmas present from Ben, he made it by photocopying old atlases and cutting them into heart shapes mounting them onto card and framing them. They are all places that we've been together. You can buy similar from Bombus. Either side of the map hearts are mercurised glass candle votives from Cox and Cox, they look so pretty when lit.

We mounted a TV on the wall in front of the bed and I had roman blinds made by a family friend in a natural taupe coloured Laura Ashley fabric, I was tempted by a pattern but in the end glad I played it safe with a plainer fabric so I'll never get sick of it and they will always tie in and compliment most bedspreads and colour schemes. They tie in with the headboard colour really well. We again changed the windows in this room back to original wooden sash style windows to tie in with the other Victorian houses in our road and I hated the original plastic lead-effect windows. 

The pine chest of drawers painted which is both a drawer unit and dressing table. The jewellery hooks are made out of a painted scaffold board, I'll feature this in a separate post coming soon. 

All that was left to do was add pretty bits! Frames, candles and glass trinket jars.

I fell in love with this French distressed chair, purchased from Sunbury antiques market at Kempton Park Racecourse. I love it sitting in the corner of our bedroom with an East of India pearl button heart cushion. The B&R letters on the windowsill are from Posh Graffiti. 

All done! The room now feels so calming and tranquil for sleeping in compared to that bright red carpet when we first moved in. I'm so grateful for all of Ben's hard work in transforming each room for a minimal cost.

R <3 xx

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  1. I love this room, so calming yet cosy! X

  2. Oh gosh! Your bedroom looks so lovely! I love the predominantly white color palette you chose for the room, and the decor pieces are definitely adorable. Kudos to you guys for doing a great job in transforming that room, at minimal expense. Thank you for sharing the before and after pictures! I hope you're having a wonderful fall!

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store

  3. What a fabulous transformation - you've taken a room that somehow managed to be both garish and bland (I didn't even know that was possible), and turn it into a calming, romantic space. The fireplace is a lovely touch, and it's really lovely to see someone recycling so effectively. You've done an amazing job!

    Angella Frasier @ 4 Wardrobe


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