Wedding - Dried Rose Petals and Doily Confetti Cone DIY

September 17, 2014

My Mum's garden is full of gorgeous David Austin roses and last summer, seeing lots of petals on the ground we decided to start drying them as confetti for our wedding this year. I've always loved confetti in wedding photos. 

We had a few trials and errors and discovered in the end that they key to good confetti that will last without decaying is dependent on a few factors -

1. Collect petals when they are as fresh as possible, we sometimes cut roses off the plant that were about to go over rather than waiting for them to fall on the ground. If they are on the ground try to collect only the driest and least brown petals. You want the freshest petals posible. If you don't have access to roses from the garden you can cut the heads off any cut flowers you buy throughout the year before they go completely over.

2. My parents' have a hot airing cupboard which was perfect for drying petals quickly. We spread them out on a tray and left for around two days to completely dry out. If you don't have a warm room in your house you can lay petals on a baking sheet and leave in a low dry oven until the moisture has disappeared.

3. Use a variety of flowers and colours, when dried the original colour will fade and having a mix of colours looks a lot prettier and will stand out in your wedding confetti photos. Delphinium petals are also gorgeous when dried. We tried peonies but they tended to go quite brown.

4. When completely dry, being careful not to scrunch or crush petals, store in a sealed plastic bag or jar until needed. Keep away from any direct heat or light sources though. They should store for around a year if not longer. 

Once you have enough confetti {although I think this is an oxymoron, you can never have enough confetti}, you can make your confetti cones. I ordered pretty lacy paper doilies online from eBay {link here}. You want them around 9.5cm in diameter or bigger. One doily will make two cones.

Fold and cut your doily in half, then roll your half doily into a cone shape so that the edges meet, play around with it until you have a shape you're happy with and then glue, or tape with double sided tape, the inside edge and hold for a few seconds so that it sticks.

Stand your cones up if you can in a box/crate/picnic basket wedging them together so that they support each other and stand up. We also used egg boxes turned upside down and poked the cones in between the gaps to hold them in place for transportation. Then fill with your confetti. We did this a couple of weeks before the wedding to get organised. 

On the day, get an usher or bridesmaid to hand out your cones to guests and tell everyone: When the Bride and Groom walk your way, throw your confetti and shout hooray! We had this written on our order of services. Prime your photographer ready for that confetti shot:

Happy Crafting, let me know how you get on if you're planning a wedding.

R <3 xx

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