Thursday Day Out - Wimbledon

September 18, 2014

The only sport I love to watch is tennis, especially Wimbledon each June. Wimbledon is one of the four annual grand slams and the world's longest running and most prestigious tournament. I worked at a tennis club for five years and I just love warm sunny days with a big bowl of freshly picked strawberries watching a match. Ben is mad about practically all sports and loves to go and watch the tennis so last summer, after getting given a pair of tickets for my birthday, we had a great British day out in the sunshine.

Tickets can be hard to come by, we got these through a friend who had entered the ballot which you can enter in the hope of being allocated tickets at random or by queuing up on the day. Some people camp overnight to get tickets for a big game like Murray on Centre Court but you can just turn up early and queue for a ground pass which would get you unreserved seating on some of the smaller court and let you take a picnic onto Henman Hill to watch on the big screen and still experience the whole atmosphere of the day.

The order of play normally gets announced the night before so you can decide who you want to see play. We had tickets for Court One so watched a couple of matches in our seats but mainly preferred to be on Henman Hill in the sunshine watching Laura Robson's match on the big screen with our picnic.

Even if you don't like sport, I think everyone gets united for those two weeks with a love for the very British game that symbolises the quintessential British summer with strawberries, picnics and Pimms.

Strawberries are a must. There are a few different options for food inside Wimbledon but they were crowded and pricey so I'd definitely recommend packing a picnic up. We went to M&S the day before to choose some nice bits and put them in a cool bag for the day. If you're a HSBC customer you can get a free pot of strawberries and cream that normally costs about £4 by showing your debit card. 

It's worth getting in as early as you can, we got there just before the gates opened. Matches don't start until 1pm but you can wander around and see players practising, we spotted Andy Murray and Laura Robson warming up. Laura used to play at the tennis club where I worked and my brother's claim to fame is that he once played a match against her {and lost haha}.

Some of the smaller courts start their matches earlier than the show courts. Most of them have unreserved seating and it's nice that you can get so much closer to the players than in the bigger arenas.

There's loads going on all day and a great atmosphere. I imagine that going on a day when Murray is playing or one of the final's is even more high-spirited. 

After our picnic and too much time in the sun, we watched another match on Court number 1...

... and then wandered into Wimbledon town in the evening to get some dinner. Stopping to admire some rather nice houses on the way. 

Wimbledon is buzzing for the two week tournament, all the shops and restaurants have tennis fever. Below is a display in the Molton Brown window. There are some lovely shops and places to eat. It was a gorgeous warm summer's evening with everyone eating outside on the street and bars full up. 

After dinner and an ice cream we wandered back to the train station. Parking is a nightmare around Wimbledon so we got the train from Watford junction. 

A grand British day out that everyone should try and go to at some stage! Even if it's just for the strawberries and cream ;) 

R <3 xx

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