Happy Weekend

September 26, 2014

{The start of autumn leaves falling}
Friday again already! I've decided to start posting a few highlights from my week in these posts from now on with photos from my Instagram before discussing plans for the weekend. Have a good one. 

{A shopping trip with a friend into St Albans resulting in White Company treats}
{Bye summer clothes, hello autumnal colours and prints}
{Misty mornings that give beautiful sunrises on early runs with my Dad...}
{...Followed by warm sunny days for dog walks with my Mum in the fields}
{Rediscovered Pinterest after a few months of being too busy, follow me if you like} 
{We had a log burner installed this week which makes for cosy evenings in}
{An afternoon shopping in Homesense, love tartan}
What are your plans for this weekend? We're having a final supper this evening before my baby brother leaves for university tomorrow. We're all spending the day in Brighton tomorrow to get him settled in, have some lunch by the seaside and maybe a wander down the Lanes. On Sunday, Ben and I are going to catch up with friend's and see their new house just outside of London before my Dad and Ben are on a golf afternoon so me and my Mum will have a chill out with the pup and cook a roast together I think!

Lots lined up for the blog next week including our honeymoon, hope you're enjoying it. I've had some requests for posts which will be featuring in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Weekend,

R <3 xx

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  1. Happy weekend Rebecca, you're inspiring me to jump back into my blog so I am hoping I can spend more time on that once I'm back home! Xx

    1. Thank you, you too! Blogging is perfect for the darker evenings, happy honeymooning xxx


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