Travel - Santorini Part 1

September 02, 2014

Santorini, also known as heaven on earth. I think I'm going to have to split this post into two I've got so many photos to share and things to say about this Greek Island famous for whitewashed villages built into the cliffs overlooking the caldera and magical sunsets. I had been desperate to go ever since I'd seen photos on blogs and Pinterest a few years back so in Autumn last year we booked up a trip for this May just gone and had such an incredible few days away.

I spent hours and hours researching Santorini with regard to the best place to stay on the island and which hotel to book. Getting there is relatively inexpensive, quick and direct with EasyJet from Gatwick in about 4 hours from the UK. Accommodation on the other hand is not so easy to pick, there are so many choices but a lot get booked up well in advance or are ludicrously expensive. You'll pay more to stay on the edge of the cliff with a view of the Caldera but for us a view was part of the reason for visiting so we made this a priority and it was definitely worth it waking up and looking out at the big blue and having breakfast on the terrace.

We stayed at Pezoules of Oia boutique hotel {website here} in the Mentha Cave House. I'm obsessed with TripAdvisor reviews and compared to a lot of hotels in Santorini it was good value. We got a good deal when we booked, partly because it hadn't been open very long and because we booked last year so managed to book on an early bird rate although it was still fairly expensive for four nights but again definitely worth it for such a stunning setting. We also went at the start of the season this year in May, prices go up as the summer goes on and it gets hotter. As a general rule the Greek Islands start up for business after Easter each year. Going early was a slight gamble on the weather but we had heard that it gets super crowded in the summer with up to five cruise ships coming in each day! There were lots of tourists when we were there so I definitely wouldn't have wanted to see it any busier. In peak season from June to September you can practically guarantee long sunny days but at the start of May it was around 20-25 degrees each day and although windy at times and chillier in the evenings, we were lucky that the sun shone for us the whole time we were there.

Santorini has three main villages -  Fira, Oia and Imerovigli. Fira is the main town where all the cruise ships dock and can be fairly busy and slightly commercial with lots of shops, bars, clubs and it lacks a view of the sunset. Imerovigli is in between Fira and Oia on the cliffs, it's quiet and has a couple of tavernas. But Oia, in my opinion, is the best place to stay. It's the most picturesque, quaint and has the best sunset views on the island. We loved staying in Oia and the fact that we could just walk out to the best sunset view rather than getting bussed in or just pop out for lunch or to browse round the shops and then come back to relax at the hotel.

The hotel is made up of six cave houses, I loved how they were modern and beautifully refurbished whilst still paying tribute to Santorini's traditional architecture.

Amazing view from the bathroom.

I don't think that photos can do the view justice and show just how magical it was to look out over the breathtaking caldera and sparkling blue sea.

Breakfast was amazing each morning. We chose the healthy option each morning which had fresh fruit and juice, greek yogurt and honey, yummy warm pastries and bread rolls with jam and smoked turkey and cheeses. But one morning Ben had the traditional breakfast instead that had a feta filo pie and the most heavenly chocolate yogurt cake. It was a family run hotel and the lovely Mirella {the owner's wife} cooked all the food, she even wrote me out the recipe for the chocolate cake so I could make it at home. It was heaven to sleep in then wander out to the terrace, eating such delicious food and watching the boats come in and out. Seriously dreamy I wish I could go back tomorrow!

I was mesmerised by these three shades of blue from the pool, sea and sky. I took a million photos each time we sat by the pool, it just didn't look real. 

When we weren't out exploring Oia and the rest of the island, we just sunbathed by the pool or on our terrace and read books until it was time to go out for dinner and watch the sunset. When we came back each evening they had left lanterns out for us and chocolates on the pillow! Got to love a boutique hotel and I couldn't recommend Pezoules more if you're thinking of visiting Santorini {and I'm not getting paid to say that either}.

Next up, Oia and the rest of the island in part 2.

R <3 xxx

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