Happy Weekend...

June 05, 2015

{S U M M E R. Finally!}
Happy Friday, finally it feels like summer has properly arrived. We're in the midst of a mini heatwave and I'm loving it {well apart from today's humid storms!}. Hope you've had a good week? Mine was pretty blah at the start of the week but picked up drastically from Wednesday with an afternoon in the garden just kicking back, drinking strawberry and mint coolers and catching up on magazines. I did feel a pang of guilt that I should be doing something more productive but then I thought about how few days of sunshine we have in England and decided that I'd actually I should stay exactly where I was. On the picnic blanket in the sunshine! Then Ben got home and we cooked a BBQ, ate outside without feeling cold, walked to the village for ice cream and then along the canal to the allotment, all in the warm sunshine! Please keep it up England. Yesterday, with the amazing weather forecast, we took the day off to visit Oxford for the first time. It was so incredibly beautiful and I'll share more photos from our day next week, we rented a boat and had a picnic on the river. Heaven! Today though is more humid and grey, although I did go shopping for the first time in ages so that's pretty good on a Friday. Hence the reason this post is late {blame H&M}. Hope you've been enjoying the weather?? Are you having a BBQ this weekend? We're planning two picnics, one with Ben's little nephews tomorrow and then another day out somewhere on Sunday. As always we'll slot in some allotment time, I'll have to post more photos of it again soon. Enjoy the heatwave! {also - side note, we binged on the Affair and finished it, if you've watched it then let me know as I want to discuss!!}
{Pretty city London. Roses and pastels in Primrose Hill last weekend}
{I paid £6 for this deckchair on eBay a few years back, I use it so much in the summer. Bargains
like that make me happy! Also the garden is getting more wild by the day...}
{The prettiest border and walled garden in Oxford's Botanical Gardens yesterday. Garden goals!}
{Strawberries and fizz on the river on a row boat you say?!}
{Cow parsley and the evening sunlight. I love being outside as much as I can with these light evenings}
{I like to call this photo 'Don't tell Ben that I'm sunbathing when he's out at work'}
{BBQs are my favourite in the summer, especially eating outside}
{This rose and those blue skies yesterday}
{This week's flowers = Peonies, Sweet Williams and Garden Roses}
England is looking all rosy all of a sudden and it's blooming lovely.

R <3 xx 

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  1. I hope the rain holds off and the sun shines all weekend there - and here! Enjoy!


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