Happy Weekend {kind of..}

July 17, 2015

{Pretty poppies against a blue sky last weekend}
Happy Friday, how has your week been? Mine hasn't been as good as it could have been, every month I have a couple of days where I don't feel quite myself - irritable over minor things and just a bit down in the dumps from hormones. Normally it's fine and I barely notice it, but this month it's coincided with a whole week of grey drizzly days {after weeks of hot sunshine it's been a shock to the system!}. And also back/sciatic nerve pain that I've been seeing both a physio and chiropractor weekly for over four weeks now. While it is improving, that niggling pain really gets me down as well as not being able to run from it. So all things considered it's been a bit grey and blah this week. It hasn't all been bad, we had a lovely evening with my family on Tuesday for my Grandma's birthday and had friends round for a BBQ last night. It's still been warm too and as I type this I'm sitting in the garden in the hot sunshine with almost clear blue skies. And of course it's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Let's hope the clouds lift, metaphorically and literally for sunnier days. Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to, I'm out with some friends from my Spinning class tonight for a few drinks at a nice pub then tomorrow Ben and I are heading into London for some lunch and a wander, I can't decide between Hampstead or Notting Hill yet! Then on Sunday we have both of our parents coming over for a dinner party, I'm planning on cooking something Italian based around our allotment produce. - talking of which there's a post on the allotment coming next week. Have a good one, R <3 xx  - some photo highlights from my last week below..

{Yet another bunch of sweet peas, they smell soo good}

{The garden all in bloom}
{Chocolate and raspberry brownie baking for a bbq last Saturday}

{Pretty old Lewes, a gorgeous town near where we were staying in East Sussex last Sunday}

{Gorgeous Blue Door Barns, review coming soon to SYGM. It was heavenly but it rained the whole time we were there} 
{Hollyhock heaven}
{Sunny sunflowers to brighten up the kitchen} 
{Courgettes coming out of our ears from the allotment means courgetti for lunch. I blogged about it last summer here
{Mr bumble bee enjoying the Cosmos at the allotment in the cutting garden}

{Made this yummy cake for my Grandma's Birthday}

{Summer days are back?? Hopefully, I've missed them this week}

R <3 xx

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