The Best Victoria Sponge Cake and a Little Tea Party for Grandma...

July 22, 2015

It was my Grandma's Birthday last week so I hosted a little evening tea party for her and the rest of my family. My Mum doesn't have a kitchen at the moment and I always like an excuse to host a gathering anyway. I baked a Victoria Sponge and some chocolate berry brownies and decorated everything with fresh roses. When I arranged it, it has been so hot for so long that I thought we could all sit in the garden but it was a grey rainy day instead so it was Plan B inside with the doors open! Some more photos and the recipe for the cake below... 

The brownies were my trusty Ghiardelli mix from Costco, I've been using the mixes for years now and everytime I make them you can guarantee that everyone will ask for the recipe as they're so so yummy. It is cheating as all you do is add an egg, water and oil but you will never make brownies like them so why not?!

Berries and rose petals all piled up make everything look pretty.My Grandma's such a keen gardener so I knew she'd appreciate all the flowers.

Pink fizz to match the roses!

For once I steered away from the traditional Mary Berry recipes and you know what? It was the best Victoria Sponge I've made because of it. I swear by this recipe now from BBC Good Food. It's a 1997 classic with over 300 ratings on, fail proof basically! I had bigger tins than they suggested so times the whole mix by 1.5. I used fresh cream instead of making buttercream, although it was hot and humid so it started slipping out the cake a bit too fast. It was super easy to make and can then be decorated however you want it, bunting/berries/flowers/cake decorations/icing/you name it.

It was a drab evening so I lit some candles to pretty everything up.

And we had the doors open so we at least felt like we were out in the garden.

My Grandma loved the cake and I love this photo of her. My Grandpa actually phoned me the next day to ask if I could get one printed for him as he loved it so much. Too cute!! She was 79 last week, next year they'll both be 80. I love them both to bits <3 <3 <3.

Not much was left by the end of it, I sent some home with my Grandparents and the rest with Ben to work!

Cake, Fizz, Brownies, Berries and Family, what could be better?

R <3 xx

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  1. The perfect evening.... Great memories for all!

  2. You have such a great eye for beautiful detail- it looked lovely. I hope I can be as glamorous as your grandmother when I'm her age! x


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