Food - Summer Dining at The Grove

July 09, 2015

I was thinking about our summer traditions this week, suddenly we're a week into July and summer is racing past! Two of my favourite things are eating outside and long evening walks in the sunshine and remembered back to an evening last summer that I haven't blogged about yet - 
Last June, the month before we got married the weather was stupidly beautiful. For about six weeks we had this never ending warm sunshine, it was amazing. {Although this summer is shaping up to be a good one for weather too!} Ben took a couple of weeks off before our wedding so that we could finish all of our DIY projects off and also just make sure we took some time to relax and not get stressed. One warm sunny evening we decided to book dinner at The Grove, a favourite of ours just down the road. They had emailed with a summer dining offer so we got my brother to drive us there and then we walked home along the canal after dinner after looking around the stunning grounds. Such a lovely summery date, and nice to take a step back from all the wedding talk for an evening. I think it may have to become an annual thing, we need to book again. Plus, every girl should have a LWLD - {little white lace dress}, this is one of mine. 

I've blogged about afternoon tea at The Grove before {here} and it's always a treat to visit for lunch or dinner followed by a wander around the beautiful grounds. The Glasshouse restaurant is my very favourite with the most incredible buffet you'll probably ever visit {the word buffet sounds cheap and mass produced low quality food - this is anything but}. But The Stables is lovely in it's own right.

You normally bump into a famous person or two so it's worth keeping an eye out when you're there, President Obama and The England Football team regularly stay! 

We ate dinner outside in the sunshine. How summery does this starter look?! 

And then a walk home along the canal in the dappled sunlight.

I love this time of year, England is transformed in the summer. Please stick around sunshine, I've got lots on my summer bucket list to tick off this year yet!

What are some of your favourite summer rituals? Dinner outside, evening walks, strawberry picking, picnics, days out, not wearing trousers for months, bike rides... Dreamy.

R <3 xx 

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