A Summer Garden Update...

July 06, 2015

Morning! Back to blogging this week after a couple of weeks away. I can't wait to share about Croatia and Dorset but in the mean time a little garden update for the summer so far. There will be an allotment one to follow too, I love using the blog as a way to look back on things and photos. This is our third summer in the garden and as everything is getting more established year on year, I love how the borders have filled out. It changes daily with new plants flowering and going over, hence why I take so many photos to try and capture everything in bloom, Already the alliums, peonies, aquilegia have finished, the foxgloves have all gone to seed but the sweet peas and hollyhocks are only just starting, likewise the lavender has just come into bloom much to the bee's happiness. You can see the whole transformation in this post.
{It's a good year for the roses! This is David Austin Sceptr'd Isle}
{Delphiniums and roses around the bench}

{French lavender in a bucket on the table}

{Marguerite daisy, it's pretty but a bit high maintenance - I have to keep feeding and watering it to stop it from turning yellow, and deadhead alll the time}
{A couple of weeks back when the peonies were all in bloom. Next will be dahlias and cosmos}
{Tall foxgloves, I love how they've ground up around the sign post}

{Astrantia, they look like little pin cushions. I had lots in my wedding bouquet}

{This feverfew daisy was here when we moved in, it's cute how it grows around the apple tree}
{Rather wild but I like it especially with the daisies poking through the old swing}
{Purple alliums and frothy white flowers up the top of the garden}

{I try and always keep the grass cut neatly as the borders are overspilling so it creates a bit of order}

{I tend to only plant pinks, whites or purple coloured flowers with lots of green}
{Love the combination of foxgloves, delphiniums and peonies}
{A new rose, David Austin's Alnwick a peachy colour}
{Sarah Bernhardt classic pink peonies}
{David Austin, Clare Austin rose. Smells amazing and has got huge in the 2.5 years it's been planted}

{In the winter from the kitchen you can see the heart shaped mirror on the right side of the shed yet right now the roses and pink lavatera get so big that it hides it. I love the garden looking so full like this with so many flowers.}
{This hydragena has got really big in the past year}

{This lavender was tiny when we first planted it a couple of years ago, now it's overspilling the walls and smells heavenly}

It's our little sanctuary and we spend a lot of time out here right now, especially with this amazing heatwave! Breakfast, lunch and dinner alfresco! Yay for summer, pretty flowers, bumble bees and being outside.

R <3 xx

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  1. Put the kettle on! I'l be there for a cuppa at 2:30. And yes! I want to sit in the garden as we consume our tea! Looks marvelous, Rebecca!

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  3. Hi Rebecca, you have such a beautiful garden! Do you mind me asking where you bought your wooden plant stand?

  4. Hi Claire, thank you. My husband made it about 5 years ago before I was into blogging otherwise I would have done a DIY post on it. Sorry probably not much help xx

  5. Hi Rebecca - sorry I realise this is quite an old post but I’ve been very inspired by the layout of your old garden as it seems similar to our new one - especially with the steps up to the lawn etc. I wonder if you can remember which way it faced? Just to get an idea how those wonderful beds were affected by the sun. Also do you have any recollection, very roughly, of the dimensions of your shed?

    1. Hi Bella, thank you so much. It's a north facing garden. Not sure dimension wise I'm afraid, I'm rubbish on things like that! Maybe 8 ft x 8 ft??

    2. Oh sorry just realised this is our old garden. Garden was South west facing I think


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