Dinner at Claridge's

July 29, 2015

I normally write this blog to recommend places that I've loved, so Claridge's is probably a slight exception to this rule. A few weeks ago, the night before we went to Croatia, Ben and I went to dinner at the famous old London hotel with his brother and his girlfriend to celebrate his Dad's 60th Birthday. The hotel itself is gorgeous, and I loved all the art-deco details and class of the establishment but for the food {and extortionate cost} you could definitely find somewhere better. But that's what these kinds of places are really don't you think? More style over substance perhaps? A must see, like Raffles in Singapore. It doesn't claim to be the best in London for food and certainly as a hotel it's second to none. Maybe afternoon tea would be better? Nonetheless it was a nice evening, just not worth the £££. 

McQueen's,{who else?!}, are their florist of choice and there were peonies everywhere. Heart eyes!!

It was fine dining but not Michelin star standard despite being the most expensive meal we've ever had. And we've eaten at some rather nice places in our time. We ate in the Foyer restaurant, which has been entertaining the rich and famous for over one hundred years. The setting was beautiful and the service was very good. 

I loved the green, white and gold that's become synonymous with the brand. Most of us had the crab cake to start with black pudding, brown shrimp and a quails egg, others having smoked salmon.

For my main I had a lobster and truffle risotto which was incredibly rich. But rather yummy, I shared it with Ben and had some of his lamb. Others had a sharing steak with chips and creamed spinach.

At first glance of the menu, none of us could find anything we really liked the sound of for dessert. But we all decided to order one anyway, I had a white chocolate, pistachio and strawberry meringue kind of eaton mess and everyone else had the popular Chocolate Financier with salted caramel ice cream. Good, but whether it's £13 good is questionable. 

Post dessert we were bought over a selection of fruity meringues and chocolates, I love little extras like that. 

A classic institution that everybody should visit but we've definitely had better food for substantially less money. I know you're paying for the name and the setting but as I said above, maybe afternoon tea would be better.

Have you been? I don't want this blog to come across as negative but rather it should be honest.

R <3 xx

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  1. Your dessert looked amazing - and the flowers were beautiful! However, if the food isn't good, it definitely isn't worth the $$$.


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