Happy Weekend...

July 24, 2015

{Proud of these pretties I grew from seed}
Hello Friday! Had a good week? Mine has been a lot better than last week's little wobble with lots more sunshine, days out with friends, bbqs, evening walks with Ben and allotment pickings to keep me busy. My hamstring injury also seems to be improving at last, probably still a few weeks away from running again but hopefully getting through the worst of it. Although I have had awful tooth ache these past couple of days from my first Wisdom tooth coming through, ouch! Onto the ibuprofen again, sigh. Anyway, summer is back and so is my happiness. I don't even mind the crazy rain that's forecast for today especially as Ben's working from home so we can cosy up. What do you have planned for this weekend? We're making pizzas tonight, I'm going for a long bike ride tomorrow morning {my substitute for running} then a trip to St Albans for Wagamama and shopping, then chill out on Sunday I think unless any other plans crop up. Sometimes spontaneous weekends turn out to be the best. Have a good one, I've had a few requests for summery recipes I've posted photos of on Instagram this week so I'll be blogging them when I get round to it, soon though I hope. 

R <3 xx 

- Some photo highlights from the past week below.

{Pottering around at home with the doors open and the sun shining}
{The houses of Notting Hill. Swooon. I want the pink one}
{I'll blog this summery Italian starter I made for a BBQ last weekend}
{Pastel pretties and blue skies in London last weekend}
{Wild at Heart nail it everytime}

{Garden cuttings, they grow quicker than I can fill the vases!}
{Flowers and fresh bedding}
{Cupcake baking with my little nephew. They turned out to be the yummiest cakes!}
{Evening walks at the magic hour just before the sun sets}
{Happy Pup despite being in the wars with the vets this week}
{A trip to the Hitchin Lavender Farm with my friend, you can see better photos from my blog post last year here}
{Fields full of purple and buzzy bees}
{Allotment pickings from the cutting patch, they've lasted longer than I thought they would cut}
{Summer evenings sat out until it starts getting dark}

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  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend even though the weather wasn't that great. Sadly we have it now in Holland. How is you wisdom tooth?


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