Day Out // Clifton Village, Bristol

June 27, 2018

I'm in the middle of writing up the travelogue from our couple of nights in Cornwall last week so in the meantime, here's some photos of when we stopped off in Bristol on the way home - well Clifton in particular. In which I fell in love! It helped that it was such a glorious day, England at her finest. Bright blue skies, a sunny Saturday, the trees all green and leafy, everyone sitting outside brunching, young beautiful cool couples wandering hand in hand, people buying BBQ gear, picnicking, enjoying the summer. If only we lived closer or in Bristol! When you think about it, it's just 2 hours from Cornwall, 2 from London give or take, near to the Cotswolds, on the coast, near Bath, such a perfect location. But I think I'm getting carried away. We won't leave our beloved Hertfordshire or house for a long time but Bristol just seems SO cool. It was the perfect half way stop off on our journey home and the perfect way to extend our trip a little. We were also here for Wahaca after seeing their new menu launch on Instagram earlier in the week. A dreamy Saturday all round! 

We parked just the other side of the Clifton bridge, it's unrestricted, and walked across *that* famous suspension bridge. Probably the most famous in England? And then you're into the heart of Clifton village. FULL of beautiful buildings, just our kind of architecture. 

We noticed just how much green space there was around Clifton, with views out to the countryside beyond and so many parks/greens to sit and enjoy. 

Pretty strong door game too.

We tend to revisit a lot of the same old, favourite haunts so to find somewhere new that we absolutely loved made me so happy to just wander.

Clifton village has pretty florists and local independent greengrocers, delis, brunch spots and antique stores. Along with your high end favourites like the Ivy Cafe.

Then we reached this really cool part. With Primrose Cafe {that everyone recommended us go to and we would have done had we not have burritos on the brain}, Anna for insane cakes, an uber cool stationery shop and 'Reggie's Veg'.

I honestly felt like we could have been in a cool suburb of Australia, part of Melbourne or Sydney without the beaches. 

Also very Brighton like.

And then Wahaca... heart eyes. Have you been? I think I've talked before about it, set up by Thomasina Miers after winning one of the first Masterchef series, she'd come back from Mexico City and wanted to recreate that street food scene in London. It's been a favourite of ours for over 8 years now {I know it's 8 years because I remember one of the first times we visited, we rushed home after to catch the world cup which is every 4 years. England were playing and I remember getting off the train so vividly as the roads were just dead where everyone was home watching the match! It used to always be our date night spot and I love how not much has changed, bar some cool new additions to the menu}. Do you have restaurants like that with a lot of meaning and happy memories? 

We tried their new Devon crab tostadas and normally I ALWAYS go for their chicken tinga burrito. But this time, maybe because we'd just come from the coast, I went for the new seabream and it was such a yummy lunch.

Followed by... BLACK coconut ice cream. Just like we'd fallen in love with in New York last year! 

We walked off lunch around some other parts of the city, there are so many pretty streets.

Coloured houses!

And camper vans...

We could have stayed all day, and would have had we not had the rest of our 2 hour journey home to go. But we'll be back for sure. I'd love to visit in the Autumn maybe? 

We only really saw a fraction of the city. I'd asked on Instagram for tips for the Clifton area but maybe next time we should go down to the docks or somewhere else? Or do you think we saw the best parts if you live there?

Which other places in England do you think we'd like? York is still on my list. You can see our previous day trips on the blog here, and a guide to my favourite parts of London here.

R <3 xx 

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  1. Hi, LOVED reading this post. Bristol is so fantastic because there are so many different areas so you can choose where you want to be depending on your mood. For example for picture perfect and views go to Clifton, for somewhere that feels like you are on holiday walk around the docks and get a water taxi back (also if you are at the docks you absolutely cannot miss Wapping Wharf, a new area made out of shipping containers that have been converted into restaurants, cheese shops, wine shops etc), or if you want somewhere gritty with character and to see some spectacular graffiti visit Bedminster. For you I would really recommend visited a part of the Gloucester Road called Montpelier (voted best suburb in the UK to live in) - In Montpelier there is an amazing road called Picton street, go to see the AMAZING painted houses and whilst you are there visit Bells Diner for fab food.


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