Hobbycraft* // Throwing a Midsommer Garden Party & DIY Flower Crowns

June 15, 2018

Earlier this week, I threw a little garden party with Hobbycraft for a few girlfriends & I ready to celebrate midsommar and the longest day of the year next week, and make flower crowns for wearing this summer. With Hobbycraft stocking all of the crafting materials and party decor {I definitely didn't realise just how many fab things they sell these days}, it was super easy and a really fun evening that you could host for a whole number of occasions this summer. From bridal showers to baby showers to birthday's or just because, we loved getting our craft on, and eating cake al fresco for the evening. A little how to guide below.. {p.s. you can use the code DIY15 for 15% off everything, except sewing machines, until the end of the month}

// The Party & Table Prep. I wanted to keep things really simple but also pretty. To go with the Swedish kind of midsommar theme, I kept it light & with lots of greenery, adding some giant white balloons for a fun feature and a summery cake as a centrepiece.

The Table;

Products used;
Helium balloon canister x 2 {each large balloon will use around 1/2 a canister}
Asparagus fern for vases

I started with the hessian runner down the centre of the table and then spaced the slate boards around as place mats. I used chalk to write guest's names onto them.

For table decorations I filled these mini milk bottles, and mason jars, with faux flowers like these daisies and this asparagus fern {all of which can then be used on your crowns later}.

Inflate your balloons with helium and tie them with string. Hang onto them {or do it inside so they don't float away!} and then I tied these ivy garlands onto the string to make a tail and then weight them down or tie them to the backs of chairs.

I used these pretty disposable gold striped cups and matching wooden gold detailed cutlery

I used this cake stand. Which has a glass dome although this cake was a little too tall for it! 

Every party needs a drinks dispenser right?! I filled this one with cucumber & mint infused water.

With the table and cake ready to go, it was time to get our craft on!

// The Cake

Hobbycraft sell my favourite ever, foolproof & totally easy cake mix {this one} and the icing {this} so with the recipe taken care of, I could focus on the presentation. I'm obsessed with this scalloped multi-layer tin set and will be using it for all of my cakes now to make them look impressive. The tins used just under 2 cake mixes worth, I'd also fill the tins slightly less next time {to around 2/3 full} to give more space for them to rise evenly.

I baked the cakes in one go, for around 20 minutes {set a timer for 18 minutes and keep checking after that with a skewer. They'll be cooked once they spring back if you press them, or a wooden skewer comes out clean with no mixture on}. Remove from the oven and cool before assembling.

I used this cake stand and layered the sponges up with the icing and a little lemon curd spread in between. I added a wooden skewer down the middle for support. 

And then decorated with blueberries & mini daisies but Hobbycraft have so many amazing cake decorations and tools to use if you want to be more adventurous.

It fuelled us up for getting creative with our flower crowns. And tasted SO yummy and light.

// DIY Flower Crowns 

You will need; 

A mix of flowers like these {I'd recommend buying a couple of sets of each so you all have choice, and then if you have spare you can use as vase decorations or make a wreath later on};
Wire for the base {one roll will do at least 3 heads}
1 x pack of this wire for adding flowers on

1. Start by gathering your materials. You'll want a mix of greenery and flowers. I loved how we all had access to the same 'ingredients' but we all chose something completely different. The peonies were definitely my favourite.

2. You'll need to measure your head with a length of wire and then leave a little extra for some give before cutting. Triple this up so wind three pieces together for extra strength. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, as long as it sits on top of your head ok and you can always pull it in later so it's best to be big rather than small at this stage. Use these for cutting the wire and snipping flowers.

3. Next, use the green florist tape to wrap around your wire {so it doesn't show, or sit uncomfortably on your head!}. It sticks easily so pull different lengths off to wrap around, don't worry about weaving a whole length around.

You just want to cover the wire up and create a green base. Don't worry about spending too long on this, you'll be covering it with foliage.

4. With your green ring that will sit on your head, start thinking about what you want to add to this. If you're using big flowers, like these peonies, use these pieces of wire to push through the back of it to create a hook and then secure onto your circle by twisting the wire onto the green ring. 

For some pieces that are lighter, you can tape them on. For best results, wire and then tape on top of that to avoid the wire sticking out. We all did ours slightly differently;
Lucy & I started with our flowers then added the greenery at the front after to hide the circle.
Amy went the whole way round her circle with these yellow flowers & the asparagus fern and then added flowers onto hers at the end.

The world is your oyster! You can snip little pieces off and wire/tape on to secure them, or add whole pieces. Go wild! The ivy from the balloon tails worked well too as well as a mix of large and small flowers with varying colours.

Once you're happy with your flower crown, add some ribbon to trail at the back. We used these in pretty pastel colours and you can double up a couple. Tie a knot/bow at the top and then let the tails hang, you can cut the ends at an angle.

// The Finished Crowns

My friend Lucy is going to wear hers at a wedding in a couple of weeks. I love how informal they are compared to fascinators/hats but still look like you've made an effort. They'd be perfect for festivals too.

// Girls

Such a fun, summery evening with two of my favourite girls.

You can find more and shop at Hobbycraft online here. {p.s. you can use the code DIY15 for 15% off everything, except sewing machines, until the end of the month}

Will you go and make flower crowns this summer or celebrate midsommar?

R <3 xx

{This is a paid campaign with Hobbycraft and all products were gifted for our evening but as always all opinions are 100% my own and I'd never promote a brand that I didn't truly love. I've been shopping at Hobbycraft since I was little!}

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