Garden // June 2018 Photos

June 19, 2018

A few photos of the garden over the past couple of weeks as requested by some of you fellow garden lovers on Instagram {and mainly for me to look back on as a record to remember what flowered where!}. This is our third summer here, and I think it's the prettiest yet. Definitely also the wildest yet, we haven't had much time to spend on the borders recently but I feel like as long as the grass is neat & well cut, the wild beds and overflowing flowers {and probably more than a fair share of weeds} compliment each other. It's just been SO hot and dry these past few weeks though so everything could really do with more watering, or some really good rain. If you have any specific gardening questions then please let me know for future posts, a post dedicated to roses is still on my to do list but most questions that get messaged tend to be able to be answered with these past garden posts {like how we planted/planned the borders here or what jobs to do when - this post}. 

Early May, it looks so young here already! Yet this was just a few weeks back. Crazy how much growing happens so fast once the sunlight shifts into these long light filled days.

The end of May when everything still looked all green & fresh. I like this time of year most, when things are just beginning to flower but it's all still neat & contained.

Lupins & daisies.

Foxgloves. These have self set and created a really impressive display this year.

The first of the roses.

These troughs that we planted just this Spring {here} have given me so much joy already.

Can you ever have too many galvanised tubs to plant up?! These are online here.

And then came the roses! Excuse this wonky photo.

There will be a post up later this week/early next about how we're using our greenhouse.

Roses & Rolltops!

The front door has had her own mini garden this year.

This old rose was here when we bought the house but I adore it at this time of year, laden with blooms.

SO excited to use this firepit this summer.

How's your garden looking? I wish I could just have maybe 2 more hours each week to spend on ours right now. But it's pretty forgiving at least and still gives plenty of pretty blooms and colour.

You can find more of my garden/growing related posts here. Will share an allotment update next week too! But as always please do let me know if there are any specific questions that I can answer in a post for everyone.

R <3 xx 

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