Interiors // Simba Mattress Review {and a £75 off discount code}

June 22, 2018

Whilst renovating our new bedroom {full makeover post will be up this weekend!}, we thought long and hard about a bed for in here. We knew that we wanted a super-king bed as we hope this will be our bedroom for a long time, and will hopefully one day see us through having children etc. We knew that we wanted an ottoman bed {so found this one} and I'd fallen in love with this Loaf headboard in a soft, pink velvet. But we couldn't decide on mattresses. It had been so long since we shopped for a mattress, where do you even start?! We both value our posture, and spinal health, and sleep! But can you ever really tell from schlepping around John Lewis and the like sitting/laying on a mattress in a store for a few minutes? I know that mattresses sent to your door, in a box, have been gaining popularity over the last few years. But were they really any good? How can a great mattress be delivered rolled up in a box?! So as I do for most of my questions these days, I turned to Instagram and asked via stories for mattress recommendations. I love that community so much and their honest recommendations. Messages came flooding in but the most recommendations were for Simba Sleep. I did some research and realised that we had nothing to lose with the 100 day free night trial.

A couple of weeks later, when the bedroom was finished & clear enough for the bed to be set up, our Simba mattress
 arrived. I loved the simplicity of the website with the Simba Hybrid mattress suitable for almost all so no difficult choices, we just had to look at the different size options and went for the Superking {which to us feels so huge after years in a King that I don't even know my husband is in the same bed at night now!}. 

A courier company were in touch to arrange delivery and the friendly Simba delivery men carried it upstairs for us {the box was super heavy!}. We opened the box and rolled out the mattress following the instructions. You then have to leave it for around 5 hours whilst it self inflates. It seems so crazy that it just unrolls out of a box! First impressions when we sat on it were OH MY GOSH it's so comfy and we almost sank into it - not necessarily a good thing. My first thoughts turned to worry in case it would be a little too soft? But I think we just hadn't left it for long enough at that stage as when we got into bed, it was so firm yet so comfortable still. And since then it's definitely been firm enough, we prefer our mattresses more firm than soft so this is perfect for us and will mould to our bodies over time.

Because of the Simbatex stay cool layer, you should just use a natural 100% cotton protector on top and then ideally a natural wool duvet which will all work together with your body temperature to keep you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold. It's intuitive to your body temperature, so if you're always cold but your husband is hot, it will regulate this. I really love the mix of both responsive memory foam & pocket springs. The five layers full of both comfort and support. 

So far we've been sleeping on the mattress for the past week. I was going to wait longer until I wrote this post, but actually I think the first week is the most important? You'll get a very good impression after just two nights. The first night was the first in our new room so I didn't sleep that well anyway, getting used to the new light/windows etc but from the second night onwards I haven't wanted to get out of bed in the mornings. Obviously all mattress shopping is so subjective, you can't tell from a blog post but as my Grandpa said the other day when I was telling him about our new mattress -  'I've slept around a lot' hahaha as in travelling & reviewing hotels so we should know a good mattress when we try one. But with the 100 night free trial, why wouldn't you try it. I definitely think this is the way to go mattress shopping. I love how so many of you on Instagram are so pleased with your Simba and told me 'you definitely won't be sending it back', likewise the reviews online and in the press are very praising too. I know 100% that we'll be keeping this mattress. With the 10 year guarantee, there's no worries about it not lasting either. 

If you're thinking of trying a Simba mattress, you can use this sign-up code £75 off. 

You can receive £75 off a Simba mattress using this link to sign up.

R <3 xx

{I was kindly sent a Mattress by Simba to review but as always all opinions are 100% my own}

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask how you are enjoying your simba mattress now, a couple of months later? We are looking to buy a mattress but slightly overwhelmed by all the options!


    Congratulations on your pregnancy

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for your message. Yes we are definitely enjoying it still, and have slept really soundly ever since and have been amazed by how temperature controlled it is - keeps you cool when it's hot etc. So many options but we loved Simba for the 100 day free trial, you can get a really good idea after 3 months of sleeping on it. Hope that helps xx


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