Musings // Things I've Been Watching Recently {that don't include Love Island}

June 15, 2018

Now that it’s summer and there are some gloriously light & balmy evenings to enjoy outside {and a garden/allotment to water}, we don’t watch as much TV. Which is one of the many reasons you won’t find me watching Love Island this summer despite the nation going crazy for it {I watched one episode and realised it was definitely not for me}! But that being said, when we get into bed we still love a good series to get into and lots of you seem to enjoy the same kind of thing. So here are a few of our favourites over the past few weeks {I always share on Instagram stories but thought it was better to collate in one place}

- Innocent {on ITV} a husband is released after serving 7 years for supposedly killing his wife. A twist and turning whodunnit with a bit of a difference.

- The Split {BBC}, this felt like a movie to me. The dazzling London law offices, the cinematic music and the intwined family story with just enough sex and drama. Loved loved loved it. And so pleased there will be a second series.

- Safe {Netflix} did you ever watch Dexter? He’s in this and produced it! Adore him so much. So that’s partly why I loved this series. Expect dark secrets from a supposedly perfect gated community and a missing daughter. Some of it felt a little laughable but worth a watch.

- Wild Wild Country {Netflix}. A true story about a cult in America. We’re only a couple of episodes in so far but have had so many friends recommend it.

- Mindhunter {Netflix}. My parents & my kindle account are linked so on holiday I saw that my Dad had downloaded this book about the true story behind the FBI and developing what we now know as criminal profiling and labelling serial killers. Ben & I were looking for something to watch on Netflix and realised this was also a Netflix series so we started watching it instead. It’s a slow burner but interesting and you start to really like the main characters.

Also, some old ultimate favourites in case you haven’t seen them. Homeland. This is Us, favourite show EVER {they’re filming season 3 currently}. Big Little Lies {they’re currently filming season 2 right now!}. The Sinner. Line of Duty.

I keep hearing amazing things about The Crown but haven’t watched it yet, I don’t think it’s one that Ben would watch. I’m not into paranormal so I wouldn’t watch Stranger Things/Game of Thrones etc. It has to be real and ideally not historical for me to watch something! Lots of hype around 13 Reasons Why on Netflix but I’m not sure about this one.

Have you seen anything good recently? Maybe we should talk books next?

R xx

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  1. I started The Crown without my husband because he wasn't very interested and now he's always joining when I am watching, it grew on him. If you like Mindhunter, check out Manhunt:Unabomber also on Netflix. It is also a true events inspired FBI story and shows how linguistics have been integrated in forensic studies by following a serial bomber case. The cast was good and it was quite compelling to watch.


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