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June 24, 2018

Our master bedroom is finished! 2 and a bit years after getting the keys to our house, it's been stripped, plastered then panelled, with a staircase added up to an en-suite in the attic above. It's such a dream come true and I'm so, so happy that it's finished and we're able to move into here now. The full transformation below if you'd like to see...

Before // 

For a while it was just used for storage whilst we tackled the rest of the house. But then eventually we cleared it and removed the carpet, wardrobes, radiators and stripped all the wallpaper. We had a few days left with some of Ben's team at the end of a project last year so decided to get the walls prepared for decorating & the floors sanded ready for whatever we wanted to do with the room ultimately. We had it painted in just a white colour and sanded the original boards back.

During // First stage...

Looking back at these photos takes me right back but equally it feels like a lifetime ago!

Then we got going on it again properly in February this year and I shared all the details on the panelling and the first few weeks of the project in this post online here.

The panelling made such a big difference to the room.

With all of the MDF in place, it all had to be primed. Also, you can see in the photo below the wires that we'd had put in place ready for wall lights. 

Wardrobe wise, although it feels a shame to cover up the chimney breast in here, it's an awkward shape and due to the other walls being filled with windows, it's the only place to have wardrobes in here. The fireplace is just resting here by the way, there's no way we'd cover up a fireplace! So Ben built a frame out of timber and then created doors out of MDF {essentially the same as the panelling but on hinges}.

The panels were then made the same way as the walls had been, and primed/painted.

In these photos the middle edges look like they stick out too much, the hinges still need adjusting a little so that it sits smooth {but so that you can still open the door}.

With most of the panelling complete, it was time to paint!! 

We've gone for this modern eggshell finish in Ammonite. Eggshell is the perfect finish for wood and the modern part, rather than the estate version means that it's more durable and wipeable.

Then the staircase arrived for the loft.

Ben ordered the stairs bespoke from, where you put all of your measurements in & it then works out the angles/steepness that you need. You can customise some of the options, we've gone for a pine finish as we'll be painting it.

Suddenly it was really starting to take shape!

And this is pretty much where we got to before leaving for Sri Lanka.

We came back and decided to just really crack on and get this finished. It felt like such a drawn out project because it was pretty stop start, and also Ben's first mainly on his own doing it trying to fit other commitments & work in to the mix too.

The stairs curved at the top so Ben decided to plaster it to create a natural curve. This guy amazes me. He's not a plaster at all but just tries out anything, and always succeeds! Impressively he used lath & plaster like the old methods.

and then bonded it before skimming over the top. Then the rest got plaster boarded.

We wanted a little cupboard under the stairs for storage rather than a cubby hole that would gather dust so he built a door under the stairs for this.

The wardrobes got plaster boarded above the doors, and the staircase was primed ready to be painted.

Next came the skirting for the bottom of the panelling. Spot the pup!

Our radiators arrived! Cast iron reclaimed beauties from Ribble Radiators {the same company we used for our kitchen project}. These are school radiators finished in Wimborne White and we're so pleased with them. Especially with the antique brass fittings.

I love how they look against the panelling.

With the end in sight, we chose a bed. I was looking for an ottoman {lift up storage} bed for ages but they all seemed to be £££ or cheap & bad quality. I asked out on Instagram and was recommended Sueno, a Yorkshire based company that miraculously make everything and send it out within a week. Most furniture companies take weeks! We chose grey wool so we don't have to cover up the base with a valance.

The stairs got painted in Ammonite to match the panelling. I really want to paint a white runner up the middle but Ben isn't convinced. That's to be decided! Although I quite like the solid grey now it's painted.

The wardrobes were finished with skirting and a picture rail on top to match the rest of the room.

By the end of May the room felt transformed from building site into bedroom {almost!}.

We had these wall lights fitted from Cox & Cox {but adapted them so that they are switched from a light switch & the wires hidden behind the panelling rather than being a plug in with wires on show}.

And hello pink velvet headboard of dreams!! From Loaf online here. We went for the clever deep velvet so that it's luxurious yet also practical care wise.

I think I was jumping around in excitement at this point.

And yay to lift up beds!

The last few weeks were for finishing everything off. Getting bedside tables, a mattress, fitting out the insides of the wardrobes {will write a separate post on this}, shelving out the corner cupboard and getting electricity there for a TV, fitting black out blinds, fitting & painting a fireplace to the middle wall in between the windows etc etc.

There are still a few bits to finish/source like a rug, an ottoman for the end of the bed and removing allll the tools from that cupboard.

But now it looks like this! 

// After

This fireplace was an eBay find that Ben had carved the heart into for our last house {we have the same in our other bedroom too in white}.

We bought this fan-coral back from Florida with us {purchased from a shop, not found on the beach!}.

We're so so thrilled and it's even better than I imagined it to be. A HUGE thank you to my husband for all of his hard work over these past few months. I'm forever grateful. 

Bed // This one from Sueno in Chrome Wool
Headboard // This one from Loaf in Rose Quartz Clever Deep Velvet
Mattress // This one from Simba Sleep {£75 off code here}
Radiators // Reclaimed from Ribble Radiators online here
Bedding // This set from Elizabeth Scarlett
Bedspread // This from Projekkity
Wall lights // These from Cox & Cox
 Bedside tables // These from Swoon
MDF panelling tutorial // painted in Farrow & Ball Ammonite
Original floorboards sanded back

Feel free to ask where anything else is from or any questions you have about the project!

R <3 xx 

{this post contains gifted items but is not sponsored}

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  1. Beautiful Rebecca, I would love to know where the palm tree hooks are from
    Thank you

  2. What did you put on your floorboards to protect them? Are they stained / varnished with a matt product?


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